My Theology of Marriage

I have decided to categorize my posts.

I visited a blog recently and appreciated how nicely categories work, so I will go back through my archives and add categories. I don’t know if that matters to anyone, but it seemed a good idea to let you know. Just a little FYI. I guess that should be a category, too.

So, FYI, any post associated with the writing project I launched last week will be filed under the category “My Theology of Marriage.” I know that sounds a lot more intellectual than it deserves to sound, but it is not my philosophy (though that sounds lofty, too). These are not just my thoughts, ideas, or opinions. What I believe is based on the Word of God. Hence, theology.

By the way, did you notice the new background color? What do you think? Is it easier to read, or harder? I’d appreciate your feedback. Just a thumbs up or thumbs down.

2015-08-02 14.19.07

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