Earthquake Forecasting?

Hopefully, anyone who knows me just a little, even if only through my writing, knows I am neither ignorant nor easily persuaded. Please, bear that in mind as you consider what I am about to share.

Growing-up in California, you learn to be ready for The Big One, and the U.S. Geological Society regularly told us that there was no way to predict when it would strike.  So, when I happened upon a YouTube broadcaster named Dutchsinse, who regularly posts earthquake forecasts, I was very skeptical. Everyone knows you can’t predict earthquakes, Dutch.
Well,  Dutch doesn’t believe that. After following him for almost three years, I don’t, either. I’ve seen him accurately forecast earthquakes more times than I can count. In fact, I don’t question him any more than I question the weatherman. Maybe, less!

Dutch has some theories. I don’t really understand it all, but as much as I do understand I find his theories entirely logical. So logical, in fact, it makes one wonder why someone didn’t think of it before now. As you watch his videos, you will discover his theory for yourself—he always explains his reason for everything. I appreciate that about him.

In the past 24 hours, there have been two earthquakes of note: a 6.2 quake in Italy, and a 6.8 quake in Burma. On Sunday night, he specifically forecasted both areas. You can see it for yourself in the video I posted here.  Skip ahead to 35:44.

Seriously, folks, you should follow this guy. He knows his stuff. He’s doing the work of paying attention and analyzing data. We just have to click and watch. If someone in central Italy had known an earthquake was forecasted for their area, maybe they would have been able to stock-up on water, or buy fresh batteries. A little preparedness is better than none.  Maybe, the storm won’t blow my lawn furniture into my window, but if the weatherman says there might be hurricane-strength winds. I have the chance to at least put the furniture in the shed and prevent a major expense. The storm might never show-up, but it didn’t hurt to be prepared.

One thought on “Earthquake Forecasting?

  1. sure there are known fractures in the earth’s crust and tectonic overlapping areas but we can predict exactly when they will move?
    There are also fractures in very old rocks of the Paleozoic era and before ..
    yes be prepared .
    As Jesus said : stay awake , you know neither the moment nor the hour .
    Love ❤


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