Today’s Journal – 11/12/16

Outside my window…it is dark and cold. That’s all I know. There is also a lot of yard work waiting for me to do, but I’m trying not to think about it (see below).

I am thinking about…everything I keep putting-off, because something more important happens.  I don’t like it.  I lack focus these days, and it’s really getting on my nerves.

I am thankful for…the endless mercies of God. The past many months I feel like all I can do is just lay myself out at His feet and beg for mercy, and so far His mercies continue.

I am reading…nothing, except the titles of the books piled by my bed. Brain is turning to mush, I think.

I am working on…nowhere near enough.

I am hoping…just hoping. Lots of hoping.

I am praying…Baby is well, and Hannah’s delivery is joyful.

I am meditating on…again, brain is mush. Just trusting God to keep me going.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Journal – 11/12/16

  1. Sounds like God is preparing you for the next level of intimacy with Him. Hang in there and keep your heart on Him. What else matters really? You know, “Seek first….”

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  2. This is a good new : five year cancer free after the surgery . My wife knew also this waiting, Caroline . She got the surgery at her breast in 2007 and she had to wait 6 years 2013 to be sure she was clear.
    In understand you . We can be grateful and we are .
    Love ❤


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