How We Ended Up Eating Sandwiches for Dinner

  • Went into the kitchen to put away clean dishes and get the kitchen ready to make dinner.
  • Noticed dish mat was wet.
  • Took it off and hung it out to dry.
  • Noticed an older mat out there, so I took it and put it in the laundry.
  • Saw some coffee drips on the counter (coffee maker is next to dish mat).
  • Cleaned the counter, before laying down a fresh mat.
  • Looked up from counter and noticed my windowsill was looking pretty sad.
  • Decided to clean windowsill, so I removed all my little vases, etc.
  • As I did that, I noticed the vining plant over the sink needed a vine hung-up.
  • Trying to hang the vine, I saw some cobwebs in the curtains and on the vine.
  • Dusting the cobwebs, I couldn’t ignore the dirty window glass.
  • The dirty window glass wasn’t as bad as the gunk in the window “gutter”, though—it’s a sliding window.
  • Asked Doug to help me with window glass and gunk, as he’s tall enough to reach the whole window and see into the “gutter”.
  • While he did that, our son-in-law arrived to check the refrigerator.
  • Emptied the top refrigerator shelf.
  • We only needed a new bulb.
  • Asked Doug to hand me the basket boxes I keep lightbulbs in, and noticed there were a lot of lightbulbs outside of the boxes. So, I asked him to hand me the whole mess.
  • Organized lightbulbs in boxes. Noticed boxes were a cobwebby and dusty.
  • Cleaned boxes, stacked them on top of each other, and then returned them to the shelf. Well, I tried. Doug offered to help, but I insisted, “I can do it!”
  • I miscalculated the height of the shelf. The smaller box fell on my head. (It still hurts.)
  • Replaced contents of box that fell, and asked Doug to lower shelf to make it taller, so I could stack the boxes and use less space.
  • Removing shelf to adjust brackets, we discovered the back of the shelf wall was disgusting.
  • Got the Swiffer out to clean wall.
  • Found a piece of random masking tape from Tim’s painting job a few weeks back. Removed it.
  • After cleaning the shelf wall, we moved the brackets. While Doug was doing something else, I adjusted the brackets I could reach.
  • I also noticed on the shelf below that some towels were folded wrong. Fixed that. Tidied the rest of the shelf.
  • Doug didn’t know I’d adjusted two brackets, so he made adjustments to my adjustments and we got very confused.
  • Finally, Doug believed the shelf was level. I did not. Not having a level, and living in a very crooked house, I figured it was straight enough.
  • Doug decided to still make the adjustment I had thought was needed. “It’s fine,” I said. “No,” he said, “I want it to be right.”
  • As we both looked up at what was now an obviously crooked shelf, I looked at him and laughed. “You just did that for yourself, didn’t you?” He smiled that smile: “I don’t often get to prove I’m right.”
  • Lightbulb boxes back in place. I start to replace the food from the top shelf of the refrigerator. I will wipe down the shelf first, I think.
  • I start wiping it down, but there’s smudge of something underneath.
  • I pull out the shelf. Clean it well in kitchen sink. Dry it off.
  • Starting to replace it, the rims it sits on are kinda crumby. Had to clean those.
  • Doug used the rest of the Swiffer cloth to catch cobwebs at the top of the kitchen walls.
  • Shelf returned to refrigerator.
  • Groceries returned to shelf.
  • Windowsill items returned, too.
  • Some gunk remains in the “gutter,” but it’ll have to wait until next time. ❤️

That Is Not A Cat

If you were trying to teach someone to identify a cat, how would you do it?

Would you show them pictures of rabbits and aligators and dogs and whales and zebras and every other animal in creation and then tell them, “That is not a cat”?


Would you show them pictures of Maine Coons and Abyssianians and Himilayans and Manx and Persians and Russian Blues and Siamese and tell them, “This is a cat”?

The answer’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? If you want to teach someone to recognize a cat, you show them pictures of cats. You might give them a cat to touch, or take them someplace where they could watch cats. You might even flick on a video about cats for them to see, or give them a book about cats to read. Toy cats would help, too! The point is, to learn to recognize a cat, you study the real thing.

It’s the same with anything we are trying to learn. We don’t learn to play the saxophone, by learnig to play the trombone. We don’t learn to cook, by ordering take-away. We don’t learn the types of flowers in our garden, by studying what isn’t a flower.

When we study the authentic item, we recognize the inauthentic easily. Bank tellers now have high tech means for testing counterfeit money, but they used to learn to recognize the coutnerfeit by studying the authentic. They learned everything there was to learn about real money, so that the counterfeit would stand out a mile away.


We live in a time when false prophets, false religions, false doctrines, and false teachers are rampant. They have always been around, but their numbers are multiplying. Gaining an audience is easier than ever; so is earning a profit. And, just as God raises up His true servants, so does Satan. The Devil is very good at promoting his own, but he is even better at deceiving the seeker. Why, he’s been doing that since the Garden! Adam and Eve walked with God, yet they were deceived by that lying serpent.

Well, the protection we need from being deceived isn’t going to be found by acquainting ourselves with these lies and liars. There are videos on YouTube, blog posts everywhere, and articles and books enough to fill a library that are full of these false religions and false prophets and false teachers. And, there are just as many that tear them apart piece by piece, telling you how they are each wrong—according to whomever is doing the telling. One video title I just saw was something to the effect of “Different Kinds of Witchcraft Christians Need to Know!” No, thank you! I don’t need to know about witchcraft. I need to know more about Jesus!

If we claim to be Christ followers, than knowing Him more should be a pleasure. How do we get to know Him? By reading His Word. We need to know what the Bible says. We need to study the Word of God, so that when someone makes a false claim we’ll know immediately to turn a deaf ear to them. We have to become that kind of people, especially in the day in which we live. Studying the counterfeit won’t help us recognize the authentic. It is knowing God’s Word that will equip us.

Bear in mind: we don’t have to become biblical scholars. We don’t need to dissect the cat and discover what a cat liver looks like compared to a dog liver. However, we do have to open the book. Being in the Word daily—throughout the day—will cause it to become ingrained in us.

Psalm 119:105 says, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Could it be more clear? If you want to stay in the light of truth, if you do not want to stumble on this path you’re walking, know God’s Word.

Blogtober 2021: Day 31


As some may know, I today’s theme was a duplicate of 10/22’s theme. So, I’ve written a new theme for today. It’s a little different from the other themes, because am asking a question this time around.

Before you scroll down to read the new theme, I just want to express my thanks to you all for connecting and participating. I am catching up on reading posts, and enjoying them so much. It’s been great to meet many new bloggers! I love this little blogosphere world. ❤

Blogtober Theme for October 31:

If you knew the answer would be yes, what question would you ask?


Happy Blogtober! ❤