Surprises and Christmas trees, and blue lollipops that turn her tongue blue—these are a few of her favorite things.

Some of her favorite games are jumping from the “highest mountain” and running so fast; hiding behind a chair and calling out, “Where’s Lucy?”

She stops and smiles, when she hears the “Hanes Sister” sing, and will sing along. She is often singing something, just under her breath.

She knows the hand motions to her favorite Praise in Motion songs.

She likes to sit and snuggle in real close, whether we’re watching a favorite video or reading a book.

She can raise her legs straight up, like a ballerina at the barre. She loves to somersault and bounce like Tigger. “Sing the song, Poppa!” (“The wonderful thing about Tigger…”)

I think if she had enough paint, she would never stop. Now, she’s starting to pretend to write (letters to Snoopy), and is drawing her first faces.

She loves her little brother, and he copies everything she does. She’s learning to share, and he’s learning that sometimes she gets to play alone.

She loves her bubble baths, and going to sleep. She never fusses at nap time.

She understands that Poppa goes to church to sing and pray, and that errands with Poppa mean going to the post office and the bank.

Kite-flying and popcorn she learned from me, and that alley-oop means standing on Grammy’s foot to get a hand up onto our tall bed.

Sprinkles are eaten with a Sprinkle Spoon from a bowl. Smackerals of honey are served on Smackeral Spoons. She still likes Grammy’s applesauce.

Her response is always, “Yes,” if you ask if she’d like to pray. I don’t know what she truly knows of God, but she’s ready to learn.

I admire Lucy’s courage. I admire her focus, when she’s trying to learn something.  She can make a game out of almost anything, especially if climbing and jumping are allowed.

I had no idea grandmothering was going to be so meaningful. I delight in watching her grow and become herself. She is always more wonderful than the day before, so I am always looking forward.  Being a grandmother is one of the finest gifts I’ve ever received, and definitely my favorite thing.


Saturday Evening Post: 4/13/19

I guess the closet thing we have to hobbies are gardening and grandparenting. Today we took our first trip to the local nursery. They have very wisely expanded their business from just a green house to a family destination, year by year adding something new to the property: a chatty macaw, a playground, an ice cream stand, a miniature golf course, and—Coming Soon!—a cafe.

So, when T & H asked us to babysit this afternoon, and I saw it was going to too nice to stay inside, I thought a trip to Nunan’s was a good idea.

Lucy loved the flowers, jumping in the puddles (in her new boots, that she loves so much she slept in them last night), and playing on the play ground. Isaac was pretty content to sit in his stroller or swing. I had a hard time getting pictures of him, and helping him do, but he had two doggy encounters and visited the goats. He seems to really connect to animals. He also enjoyed listening to some Miles Davis. Who doesn’t?

We all came home very tired and ready for a snack. Doug is at his meeting now, and I’m on my way to the supermarket. I’m going to really try to remember to take my good shopping bags this time.

Saturday Evening Post, 4/6/19

It’s an early Spring for us here in New England, and today was a beautiful day. The whole week, really, has been lovely. I am still hoping for one more snow day, but I’m also thinking about how much I want to get into the garden. Our schedule tempts us not to garden at all, but Lucy loves it. I mentioned planting pumpkins, and she got so excited. Hopefully, this week we can get some seeds in the ground.

We celebrated a birthday recently. Lucy is the officially candle blowing assistant.


We discovered a new toy. Have you heard of water beads? They’re a fun sensory toy I discovered online. I was able to get Lucy some a few weeks ago. They make for an inexpensive activity that she finds very soothing. They’re very Montessori, offering lots of opportunity to pour and scoop and sort. There are endless applications. We’re just starting.

2019-03-21 14.30.53


The kids bought some playground equipment for the babies last week, and they’ve been a big hit. Isaac is still learning to go down the slide—he’s so funny. It was a very windy day, and that’s what you hear Lucy saying, “It’s so windy!”


Doug raked some leaf piles this week, and Lucy discovered the joy of frolicking in them.



Lucy is tall enough now to stand on a step stool at the sink, and it’s become one of her favorite things. She is exploring what makes a good drinking vessel.  She’s also acquired an apron of her own.


I managed to capture Isaac’s infectious laugh on his birthday a few weeks ago. He’s such a charmer.


Time with our grandbabies is like oxygen for us. Doug’s new schedule has limited his time with them, but we’re working on that. First things first.

Lucy at Play

I just love this little video.
I love her little feet, using them to help her keep the keyboard on he lap.
I love that she’s playing with two hands.
I love that she wants to make music.
I love that she owns my living room.
I love that she didn’t make me stop filming her.
I love that box, as ugly as it is, because it’s just what she needed.
I love her curls.
I love her—all 102 weeks of her.

About Maria

A couple days ago I posted about Maria Montessori-inspired games I had made for my granddaughter. Michel Fauquet, one of my dear, blogging friends, shared a quote of her’s with me:

“The action comes ahead of the thought,
and the thought comes from the action.”

Maria Montessori (1870-1952)

I really liked that quote, because it seemed to apply to what I have witnessed with Lucy. I wanted to share this one, too:

“Do not tell them how to do it.
Show the how to do it and do not say a word.
If you tell them, they will watch your lips move.
If you show them, they will want to do it themselves.”
Maria Montessori (1870-1952)

That quote really spoke to me. We always hear, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Yet, children really only do what they see. They copy us. It’s very interesting, and very compelling.  It also rings true with my play times with Lucy. One of her games is putting beads on pipe cleaners. She watched with such intensity as I did it, and then did it herself. We played silently for several minutes. Silently! I was in awe.

Today, we played with Play-Doh. I was telling her to squish it, but she didn’t quite get it. Then, I squished it for her, and she smiled. She got it. We sat in near silence. I rolled the Play-Doh into a ball, and she would squish it. (By the way, Lucy is 22-months-old.)

Really interesting. I’m enjoying all that Lucy is teaching me.

File Jan 13, 6 50 34 PM.jpeg

Quiet Games for Toddlers: Pipe Cleaners

This past Spring I did some research on quiet books and ended up finding a lot of Montessori-inspired activities for my granddaughter. I put together about a dozen games. Some of them are more advanced than her development, but she’s growing into them.

2018-10-16 03.24.11

Now, there was one activity that I thought was really dumb, but it has ended up being a favorite. It’s very simple: give a child a colander and some pipe cleaners. Teach them to poke the pipe cleaners into the colander holes, and voila! Happy child!

2018-10-16 03.25.23

I honestly thought that sounded so boring, but it’s proven to be one of Lucy’s favorite games (at least, for now). She will play very happily for a lot longer than one might expect.

2018-07-03 16.03.50

I did create a variation of the game that is portable, used the lid from a spice container and the base from a container of decorating sprinkles, because I wanted a flip-up lid that couldn’t get lost.

2018-10-15 17.26.12

Speaking of lids, she decided on her own that she would close the lid after inserting a piece of pipe cleaner.


This activity was very affordable. I actually had all the supplies already, but I did buy some more pipe cleaners ($1).  When we first played this game, she was 18-months old. She wasn’t very good – I would put the pipe cleaner in for her, and she would push it. Now, she just goes for it. And, has started becoming imaginative with it, too.

It is beyond fun watching her grow. We know we are very blessed to have this time with our daughter and her family. Having them so close is a priceless gift. ❤