Happy Anniversary to My Elkanah

To mark our 32nd wedding anniversary, I thought I would share some photos. It’s kind of an odd assortment. I just chose pictures that stood out to me and offer a glimpse into our past. As we move into our future, I am just so thankful for this man I see these days as my Elkanah, a godly servant of the Lord, faithful and kind. Thank you, dear Doug, for all the seasons of our life together.

Saturday Evening Post, 4/6/19

It’s an early Spring for us here in New England, and today was a beautiful day. The whole week, really, has been lovely. I am still hoping for one more snow day, but I’m also thinking about how much I want to get into the garden. Our schedule tempts us not to garden at all, but Lucy loves it. I mentioned planting pumpkins, and she got so excited. Hopefully, this week we can get some seeds in the ground.

We celebrated a birthday recently. Lucy is the officially candle blowing assistant.


We discovered a new toy. Have you heard of water beads? They’re a fun sensory toy I discovered online. I was able to get Lucy some a few weeks ago. They make for an inexpensive activity that she finds very soothing. They’re very Montessori, offering lots of opportunity to pour and scoop and sort. There are endless applications. We’re just starting.

2019-03-21 14.30.53


The kids bought some playground equipment for the babies last week, and they’ve been a big hit. Isaac is still learning to go down the slide—he’s so funny. It was a very windy day, and that’s what you hear Lucy saying, “It’s so windy!”


Doug raked some leaf piles this week, and Lucy discovered the joy of frolicking in them.



Lucy is tall enough now to stand on a step stool at the sink, and it’s become one of her favorite things. She is exploring what makes a good drinking vessel.  She’s also acquired an apron of her own.


I managed to capture Isaac’s infectious laugh on his birthday a few weeks ago. He’s such a charmer.


Time with our grandbabies is like oxygen for us. Doug’s new schedule has limited his time with them, but we’re working on that. First things first.

My Saturday Evening Post: 12/9/17

Lots of pictures and videos ahead. You have been warned! LOL

The Upstairs Neighbors* were out of town this week. They arrived back home early Saturday morning, and it was so good to hold them all in my arms. Lucy came home with a pretty bad cold that she shared with her Daddy. So, when Tim requested chicken soup, I offered to make it. Making broth is one of my favorite things.

While I was cooking, I heard a sound that I had been missing this week. I sneakily slipped my phone into the bedroom and captured Doug and Lucy singing books. 



We had our first snow today. and it was mostly very nice. Grateful we had a cozy place to be, and glad we finished our Fall clean-up yesterday.  Can you believe my pansies are still alive? They are rather neglected, but still alive. I brought them to our enclosed porch. 

2017-12-08 13.38.31

My parsley was still alive, too.  Even covered in snow, it looked pretty healthy. I added some to the broth.

My 2017 garden in three pictures. I have so many pictures of my garden. I’m so grateful the Lord has given me this garden. It is such a kindness. 

I will say goodbye with lots of love, and share one more video. It is my sweet husband singing to the Lord. Yes, he is The Saxophone Player, but he has a few other talents. ❤

God is so good!
*Our daughter and her family live in the upstairs apartment—be still my heart!