Saturday Evening Post, 10/2/21

Blogtober Day 2: Weather

  • I caught up on a lot of ministry business this week.
  • Played with my grandkids. Painted with Lucy. Laughed uproariously with Isaac, because that’s the only way Isaac knows how to laugh.
  • Grocery shopped. I’ve been doing a good job of cooking my pantry and freezer empty to make sure nothing goes to waste, but eventually you have to restock.
  • Started making a kinda radical change in my apartment. We’ll see how it goes!
  • I am bracing for a very long and cold winter.
  • Practiced not feeling guilty.
  • Lauched a Blogtober 2021.
  • Worked into the early morning three nights in a row.
  • Had a couple of great naps.
  • Welcomed the first chilly days and cold nights of Autumn. Almost time for the duvet.
  • Looking forward to Christmas, and doing it differently. Very differently. Really want to spend more talent and time, than money.
  • Accepted myself again as the “very difficult person” my Mother warned Doug he was marrying.
  • Found a new gluten-free flour—my new favorite.
  • Had a few nice Sunday afternoons with the kids at the beach, trying to fly kites and chasing the tide. There is nothing like walking bareffot on the wet sand. It’s a visceral delight! I hope we continue to have nice enough weather to squeeze a few more days like these into the memory banks.
  • This year I’ve been thinking about the things I fear that I didn’t know I fear. Fears that are hiding from my consciouness. I don’t want anything to do with Fear.
  • Speaking of Fear, this is Ovaraian Cancer Awareness Month.

So, just a little from view of my past week, or so. Hope you had a good week, and a better week ahead.

Saturday Evening Post, 9/14/19

October is coming, and I still am wondering if I will try to do a Blog-tober—committing to blog every day. This year has been very busy, so time to blog doesn’t really exist. And, I’m not really sure I have anything to write.

I’m grateful this proverb is in the Bible: Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.” (Proverbs 27:6, KJV)

I’ve written about this before, people who are allergic to us. Sometimes, we just make someone itch and sneeze. It’s no one’s fault. It’s just better to keep a distance.

I accepted an invitation to speak next month. Started praying immediately. I don’t know why anyone would invite me to speak to their ladies, but it must be The Holy Spirit has something for me to share. I will just keep praying. Praying for those dear ladies most of all. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

God gave me a big gift this month. Completely unexpected. The peculiar thing, though, is that receiving this gift is requiring I let go of something. I’ve known I had to let go, but I’ve been avoiding it.*

He’s kind, our God. He meets us where we are, and always brings a surprise.

I hope you are doing well, dear blog reader. It means a great deal to me that you have taken time from your life to read these words. I do not have much to say, as you see, but I needed to make sentences.

God bless you this weekend! ❤


*I’m sorry for all the pronouns and for being vague, but it’s a complicated thing to talk about right now—I’d have to explain too much, and use so many words. No one wants that, trust me. After a while, after I’ve processed all the emotions, I’ll probably be able to be succinct and clear.


Saturday Evening Post: 4/27/19

It’s been a “sick” week.

I have had many sick weeks this year. In fact, since Christmas I think I’ve only had one or two weeks when I wasn’t sick. It’s been really not-fun. However, I think it’s for a good reason. Doug went back to “full-time” jail ministry in December, and I think I’m just catching every bug he brings home. This current bug is a doozy, though. It actually took him out of commission for week, which is very rare for him. It’s just cold, but a really irritating cold.

Enough complaining, though. Hot wonton soup is on its way to me, so I have no right to complain.

Didn’t do much today. Hard to stay awake. We did get to watch our grand-babies for a bit. Kept my distance, and covered my mouth.

Isaac wants to do everything Lucy does—even if he can’t reach.

I’ve been wanting a hydrangea for a long time. This looked as bad as I feel, but the price was right. Appearances can be deceiving, though.

After pruning and it’s first watering.

Day Two. Already looks better!

Hope you’re staying hydrated and getting a little sunshine everyday. It’s good for hydrangeas, and humans, too!❤️