Saturday Evening Post, 9/14/19

October is coming, and I still am wondering if I will try to do a Blog-tober—committing to blog every day. This year has been very busy, so time to blog doesn’t really exist. And, I’m not really sure I have anything to write.

I’m grateful this proverb is in the Bible: Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.” (Proverbs 27:6, KJV)

I’ve written about this before, people who are allergic to us. Sometimes, we just make someone itch and sneeze. It’s no one’s fault. It’s just better to keep a distance.

I accepted an invitation to speak next month. Started praying immediately. I don’t know why anyone would invite me to speak to their ladies, but it must be The Holy Spirit has something for me to share. I will just keep praying. Praying for those dear ladies most of all. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

God gave me a big gift this month. Completely unexpected. The peculiar thing, though, is that receiving this gift is requiring I let go of something. I’ve known I had to let go, but I’ve been avoiding it.*

He’s kind, our God. He meets us where we are, and always brings a surprise.

I hope you are doing well, dear blog reader. It means a great deal to me that you have taken time from your life to read these words. I do not have much to say, as you see, but I needed to make sentences.

God bless you this weekend! ❤


*I’m sorry for all the pronouns and for being vague, but it’s a complicated thing to talk about right now—I’d have to explain too much, and use so many words. No one wants that, trust me. After a while, after I’ve processed all the emotions, I’ll probably be able to be succinct and clear.


Saturday Evening Post: 4/27/19

It’s been a “sick” week.

I have had many sick weeks this year. In fact, since Christmas I think I’ve only had one or two weeks when I wasn’t sick. It’s been really not-fun. However, I think it’s for a good reason. Doug went back to “full-time” jail ministry in December, and I think I’m just catching every bug he brings home. This current bug is a doozy, though. It actually took him out of commission for week, which is very rare for him. It’s just cold, but a really irritating cold.

Enough complaining, though. Hot wonton soup is on its way to me, so I have no right to complain.

Didn’t do much today. Hard to stay awake. We did get to watch our grand-babies for a bit. Kept my distance, and covered my mouth.

Isaac wants to do everything Lucy does—even if he can’t reach.

I’ve been wanting a hydrangea for a long time. This looked as bad as I feel, but the price was right. Appearances can be deceiving, though.

After pruning and it’s first watering.

Day Two. Already looks better!

Hope you’re staying hydrated and getting a little sunshine everyday. It’s good for hydrangeas, and humans, too!❤️

Saturday Evening Post: 4/20/19

Doug’s been sick this week, and Hannah’s mother-in-law is in town, so we’ve had more time than usual with each other, and less time that usual with the grand babies. We’ve tried to take advantage of all this and have been able to get a lot of ministry work done. I really wish we had a week like this every month. It is so helpful to be able to work side-by-side. So much more productive.

Tomorrow morning I am up at the crack of dawn to spend Easter morning with the ladies and the local pre-release center. I am not looking forward to the early wake-up, but I’m really looking forward to being there. Then, I’ll head over to the church where Doug has been helping out as worship leader.

Had some very hot weather this week – well, hot for us. I think it was close to 80 degrees yesterday. Took full advantage of it. Did a little work in the garden—tidied up the peony flower bed to uncover the little sprouts.

2019-04-19 16.05.00

Thanks to some pre-storm, gusty winds we managed a little kite-flying.


The babies have some play equipment in the yard now, so we did a little of that.


They even took at stab at aerating and grading with their Grandma L.


Now, Doug is home from his meeting, so it’s time for dinner. Hope you’re all having a good weekend. I really hope you are able to be in church tomorrow. It’s a good day to be surrounded by the family of God.

He is Risen!