Blogtober 2021: Day 31


As some may know, I today’s theme was a duplicate of 10/22’s theme. So, I’ve written a new theme for today. It’s a little different from the other themes, because am asking a question this time around.

Before you scroll down to read the new theme, I just want to express my thanks to you all for connecting and participating. I am catching up on reading posts, and enjoying them so much. It’s been great to meet many new bloggers! I love this little blogosphere world. ❤

Blogtober Theme for October 31:

If you knew the answer would be yes, what question would you ask?


Happy Blogtober! ❤

OH NO! Attention: Blogtober Particpants

Do You See What I See?

As I was prepping tomorrow’s last post to share the last day’s theme, I noticed a really big mistake! Do you see it? Ohmygoodness! If you haven’t noticed it, I will point it out to you: I duplicated a theme: Day 22 is the same theme as Day 31. I feel pretty bad about this. Nothing to be done about the graphic now, of course, but I thought I should let it be known.

So, the theme tomorrow will be a SURPRISE. I will post it at 12:01AM, EST., for anyone who is interested. Not the end of the world, but maybe it’s kind of funny. ❤


Happy Blogtober! ❤

Blogtober Countdown to the End: YOU DID IT!


If I missed you, or you want to join now, please let me know!

Happy Blogtober! ❤