Saturday Evening Post: 10/13/18

Incredible to think we are in mid-October. Yikes.

Blog-tober Update

On October 6th, I spontaneously decided the make October Blog-tober. This meant I would post every day, with five extra posts added here and there to compensate for the first five days of the month I’d missed.

I initiated Blog-tober for a few reasons, and so far it’s doing what I hoped it would do—increase my discipline, and force me to finish some pieces that were rotting away in my drafts folder. As of today, I have posted eight times, which means I am on track for one-a-day, but still five days behind.


We’re coming to the end of the season here. Tonight, I heard we might get frost, so Doug and I went out and harvested the blooms. I don’t know if we’ll get many more flower days, but I hope we do, Lots of buds on the plants.

2018-10-13 22.44.50

It’s Sunday. Where am I?

Doug is filling the pulpit, as they say, for a pastor in Shirley, MA tomorrow. There is a large state prison in Shirley, where Doug has served in the past and has begun serving in, again. Who knows. Maybe, this church will host the first  New Brothers Fellowship Discipleship Group in Shirley.

Where will you be on Sunday? Hope you have a place to gather with other Believers. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post: 10/13/18

  1. Hello, Michel!

    I committed to myself to blog every day in October, and call it Blog-tober. It’s pretty silly!

    Yes, he is in full-time ministry, serving as a home missionary on the prison and aftercare mission field. He is also often invited to preach or minister in music at churches in the area. He is a gifted man of God.

    God bless you!
    Love, Caroline

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