“A Woman of No Importance”

A video recommendation for you. This is such fine acting and story telling. It is a monologue, told over a period of months. The piece was written by Alan Bennett, from a series called “Talking Heads.” It is performed by Patricia Routledge—known best in America for the role of Hyacinth in “Keeping Up Appearances” on PBS.
If you have seen the film “Wit,” you cannot be blamed for wondering how much they may have borrowed from this script for that one.  “Wit” is definitely worth watching, too, but today I suggest you make time for “A Woman of No Importance.”

5 thoughts on ““A Woman of No Importance”

  1. My hearing for English spoken is hard . I read on You Tube the comments: very interesting
    Perhaps could you lead me on Google about this movie in French ?
    Happy New Year fo you and your family
    Love ❤


  2. Thanks for your try above, Caroline and thanks also for your kind comment about Janine . She still is on the wait of January 17 where she has an appointment with the surgeon as I wrote in my entyy..
    Love ❤


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