My Saturday Evening Post: 11.11.17

  • Pride and jealousy make me sick and weary.
  • Lies and deceitfulness make me sicker and more weary.
  • Our health insurance in 2018 will be more than three times higher. Doug is going to make sure they have our income right. Even twice as much would be hard for the ministry to cover. We may have a hard decision before us. Will wait and see, for now.
  • I think my so-called smart phone, is making me a dumb person.
  • Doing the right thing is often a bloody fight.
  • I am sick of the wickedness on this earth. Yet, we are still only seeing the tip of the ice berg. How does God long suffer with us, when He sees it all?
  • Sometimes, I think that all the ministry anyone called to the ministry should do is just pray. Must pray more.
  • We are getting a taste of January weather this weekend. Pulled out the comforter. It’s the coziest thing we own. Pudge really likes it, too.
  • Pansy season lasted so long this year! I enjoy them so much. Pruning them is my best therapy, so I’ll miss them. There’s nothing to prune until May.
  • I have a print hanging on my bedroom. When I framed it, I didn’t leave the artist’s name visible. For about 20 years, I’ve wondered who created this painting that I love so much. Then, I got the bright idea to use Google’s Image Search. I found out that the artist is Eastman Johnson, a Mainer who also co-founded of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.





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