Saturday Evening Post: 3/17/18

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so I’ll let this photo explain why I missed last week’s SEP.

2018-03-10 13.02.11

My new grandbaby, Isaac Timothy, was born last Saturday morning. He was a few days early, but he’s healthy and growing. We are grateful!

Sweet Lucy is adapting well, but it’s challenging. She’s only 15-months-old, so there’s only so much she can understand. Sometimes, she gets a little desperate for her “Da,” like when he was out shoveling snow. She was looking everywhere for him—even under his pillow! I finally picked her up and helped her pound on the window until he heard her and waved back. I’m thankful her daddy holds such a special place in her heart. That bodes well for her future.

The past two weeks have had quite a lot of snow for us New Englanders. We had our second snow hurricane last week. It brought terrible destruction to coastal cities, and the wind and heavy snow took out the power in many communities—including our own. I think it may be the first time all three power lines in our town went down. We retreated to Maine to stay with my sister, the Historian, whose power rather miraculously was restored. It ended up being a very special time. It was our last family gathering before Isaac, but it was also our Mother’s birthday. Being together is exactly what she would have wanted.

I guess snow pictures might get boring, but I really do love the snow. And, different kinds of storms create a different scene.

2018-03-08 09.47.15

My neighbor’s fence looked like he’d hung a woolly garland.

It’s a wonder more branches didn’t break. What you can see resting on the red car bounced right back up—25 feet?—as soon as the snow melted off. It was awesome to see the white everywhere. I know heavy snow makes clearing it a much harder job, but it does make everything look like a marshmallow world!

Aside from snow storms and new babies, Lucy decided she likes spaghetti. This is pretty big news, because Lucy is a bit of a picky eater. I tried to make a video to show her parents she really did eat the spaghetti, but it took so long for Doug to feed her I had to stop it—the video was getting too long. But, she did something super-cute, so I saved the video. And, now you get to see it, if you like.

She waits so patiently to be fed, but Doug seemed a little caught-up with the task that she finally puts her hand up in wonder. That is her classic move anytime something curious happens. So fun. ❤

Well, that’s not a very thorough account of the past two weeks, but it’s the happiest highlights. I like to meditate on the good things, you know? The lovely and pure things. The hard and bad things, the trials and suffering, they have a purpose in the life surrendered to Christ, but they aren’t meant to be our focus.

God bless you today. Hope you have many happy highlights to meditate on today. 🙂

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