Divine Interruptions

A friend reminded me of a post from my previous blog. Thought I would share it here, with a few relevant revisions. This was originally published on March 18, 2013.

Divine Interruptions

There is a limit to what anyone can or should do, but sometimes we are so in control of our life (or, so out of control of our life) that we miss something good God wants to give us. We miss a divine interruption that may be just what the Lord has chosen to use to enlarge His presence in our world.

For example: I know a couple who are the parents of five children (including two toddlers), and they were asked to become foster parents to an infant: a brand new baby—sleepless nights and round-the-clock feedings included!

Most people would have looked at their circumstances and understood immediately if they had responded, “No, we’re sorry; our hands are full,” because their hands were full. Their house was full. Their lives were full!

However, their lives were also in order. Their priorities were straight. They knew what God had called them to do, and that was the key. 

That is why they did not turn away from this divine interruption. It is why they did not put their hands up and say, “No, sorry,” sputtering a list of excuses and explanations. Instead, they reached their hands out and prayerfully said, “Yes.” They welcomed this ordained intrusion with full hearts, a warm embrace, and a surrendered will before God. 

Would it be easy? Of course not. Did that matter? Not to them. Difficulty, pain, personal cost—they knew such things could never be reasons for dismissing a divine interruption. They didn’t want to walk outside of God’s will, disobedient to His call. And, they didn’t want to miss the blessing of seeing God provide as He fulfills His purpose for their lives. Despite the circumstances in which they find themselves, they know there is a bigger picture, a picture they cannot see with their natural eyes.

If we are seeking the Lord’s will, asking Him to fulfill His purpose for our life, there will be times when we experience divine interruptions, too. It might be a short-term opportunity, such as drawing water from a well for a thirty stranger; or, it might be a long-term assignment, a call to lay down our life in exchange for a mission field.

Whatever it is, though, it is sure to be an opportunity to welcome God into our lives in a far greater measure than we could ever imagine. That opportunity may not show up at the best of times, and chances are good it won’t be love at first sight. In fact, it might be exactly what we do not want—a dreaded diagnosis, a painful discovery, or an uninvited guest. It might be the last thing we ever thought of doing. Yet, it will bear spiritual fruit in our life. That is the confirmation of anything that comes from God. We are supernaturally changed by the experience, becoming a clearer reflection of our Savior for others to see.

So, we must be alert. A divine interruption won’t introduce itself as a gift, an opportunity from God. It will intrude, disrupt, and complicate life. It might feel like a setback, and the temptation to turn it away is natural. Yet, when we are walking closely to the Lord in faith, listening for the Holy Spirit’s leading, we won’t be walking in the natural. We will hear that still small voice telling us, “Trust Me in this.” We will know in our spirit man that the Lord will be with us. We’ll know He’s going to make up the difference. 

Oh, let’s pray we don’t miss a divine interruption! Let’s be willing to cast down our plans, our pride, and our doubts. Let’s be willing to cast down our selves, if we’re getting in the way. Let’s be people so mindful of His will for us, that we don’t miss His presence in the midst of our circumstances. 

God bless you today. 

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