5 Ways to Keep Your Hands Clean, and Still Help the Children’s Ministry at Your Church

I believe that Children’s Ministry is the most important ministry of the church.
I know that might sound like hyperbole, or insanity, but I do have a theory.
I won’t share my theory here, because what I think doesn’t matter. Ultimately, I know we all agree it matters. I know this, because of the outcry this past month over the suffering of children at the border. It is clear that Americans care about children, and Christians know that ministering to children is important to Jesus.
So, with that agreement, let’s consider how we can actually make a difference in a child’s life. Most of us will never get to help a child at the border, or any child from another country, but there ARE children in our own church that we can help through our church’s Children’s Ministries.
So, I have come up with five easy ways for everyone in any church to help the children. And, you won’t even get your hands dirty!

5 Ways to Keep Your Hands Clean, and Still Help the Children’s Ministry at Your Church

1. ASK.
As the Children’s Pastor, or whoever is in charge, how you can help. Just make sure they are sitting down before you ask, though. Odds are good that any offer to help will come as quite a shock, and might knock them off their feet.
2. PRAY.
If you’re afraid to ask, or don’t think you can help, begin to pray. Ask how you can pray. Pray for the Children’s Ministry workers. Pray for the children, and their parents. Pray for provision, patience, inspiration, and more volunteers. Pray daily. Make it a real commitment before God.
3. GIVE.
Most churches have tight budgets. Like public school teachers, Sunday School teachers and Children’s Ministry workers often foot the bill for the extras that make their class special: snacks, prizes, stickers, etc. Maybe, you can offer to provide snacks, or just slip a fiver into the teacher’s hand and say, “Use it for the kids. There’s more that came from!”
Thank the Children’s Ministry workers for what they do. Don’t assume they take delight in escorting little ones to the potty, wiping up spilled juice, or telling Little Ricky one more time that he can’t play his drums. Never make the mistake of thinking that Children’s Workers have some special grace from God. They might love what they do, and even be called and gifted from God to do it, but it doesn’t mean it’s always easy.
Finally, if your children are a part of the Children’s Ministry, pick-up your little angels, before you socialize with friends after service. Children’s Ministry volunteers are serving Jesus for free, but their babysitting rates are $10 an hour.

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