A Time For Spiritual Warfare

I was thinking last night about the riots planned for Boston today. This upsets me so much. I love Boston, a city full of art and history, and it makes me sick to think of people vandalizing any if it. I hate what I have seen happening across America, and it makes me afraid to think of what’s coming—to Boston, or anywhere else. Every day, the violence and vandalism escalates. I don’t like where I see things going.


Last night I remembered the Lord burdening my heart to pray for 2020. I took a lot of comfort in realizing that He knew what was coming, and not only was calling me to be pray in advance of this hellish year, but was calling up many other intercessors to pray, too.

Folks, we aren’t done with these protests and riots, but I’m already wondering, “What’s next?” Aren’t you? We really need to pray—but not only pray. We need to intercede. We need to stand in the gap.

There is a great conspiracy at play here, and I don’t mean the deep state or antifa. I’m talking about the Devil’s conspiracy against mankind.


In the big picture, these riots and protest are insignificant. The real battle that we need to engage in is the one for souls. We need to recognize what Satan is doing. The only purpose of this rebellion is death—spiritual and physical death. As Christians, if we don’t care about the people who are losing their souls, it doesn’t matter what we may lose in this fight.

In other words, there should be no thing on this earth that we value more than the souls of those who do not know Christ. I hate what I see happening in my country. I hate all the evil and injustice I see. God forbid you are accused of committing a crime, without a million dollars in the bank for your defense. Good luck! Working in prison and aftercare ministry has been an education I never wanted, but I’m grateful to have received.

Yet, my cause cannot be earthly justice or equality. This is an oxymoron! Nothing on this earth will ever be just, because the prince of this world is Satan. My fight is not against the consequences of his reign, but for the victims of his tyranny.

Friends, this upheaval in America will soon pass. The terror will end, windows will be repaired, and rioters will go back home. Men and women seeking purpose, power, validation, or justice by marching—peacefully, or not—will still be seeking those same things, when these marches end.


Don’t you recognize the desperation on the face of protestors today? It is no different from what we saw during Ferguson, Rodney King , or even the Watts riots. Satan hasn’t changed—his methods are the same, and the affect is, too. Those whom he torments will always be subject to fear, rage, and despair. It’s not cool, and asChristians we really need to recognize our call to stand in the gap for those who have been deceived by the Enemy and lured into his trap. He has an objective for these souls: eternal damnation.

is at work here to bring Fear. It is fuels the hatred and anger that lead to the hopeless desperation, and ultimate lawlessness. This is what I believe, spiritually speaking, when I think about this evil divide between humans. It’s just not cool.


This is my call to my brothers and sisters in Christ. Will you stand in the gap on behalf of these who are marching, protesting, and rioting? For the peaceful demonstrators, it may be easy to pray for them. However, those who are screaming profanities, shoving police officers, stealing, and destroying property need prayer, too.

In fact, I dare say prayer for the “bad guys” is the only way this all stops. The National Guard can stop behavior, but they cannot bring the healing balm of the Holy Spirit. They cannot bring peace to a heart full of hatred.

Church, I challenge you to look on these lawless ones with compassion and faith. FAITH! Isn’t God able? Isn’t He big enough? Yes, He is—our God is more than enough, and more than able. However, we have pray.


The Other Virus

I think this pandemic is the most insidious thing anyone alive today has experienced.

Almost 200 countries have been invaded by an unknown and deadly enemy whose only objective seems to be to infect as many people as possible. It propels itself through the airwaves, where it can be inhaled by any unsuspecting passerby. The remaining droplets fall and settle, unseen and undying, lingering for many hours or several days—surface matters.

Then, once landed or inhaled, it is secretly transported from one victim to another. And, another. And, another.

On, and on, and on it travels, disguising itself as a common cold, or it simply remains hidden. Out of site. Undetectable.  An otherwise perfectly healthy person has no idea they are carrying a time bomb, until it pulls its trigger. Within hours, its victim might be near death.

And, after a death as agonizing as one dares to imagine, it continues to multiply, feeding off its dead host.

If there has ever been any illness or disease with a character more like Satan, I haven’t heard of it. All disease is evil, and a result of evil, but no other disease is as insidious as this virus.


There is something worse. It is a sin that works in the heart, mind, and spirit, bringing nothing but death, if allowed to go unchecked.

It is like a spiritual virus, a sin far more dangerous than lust, greed, or hate.

It is spiritually insidious.

It invades our spirit, soul, and body, a deadly enemy whose only objective is our death.

It propels itself through the airwaves, Satan’s domain. It travels on the heels of the unknowing, through innocent words or deeds. The unsuspecting and unperceptive are easily caught in its trap, and quickly absorb its poison. It can affect anyone, of any demographic, potentially lingering forever in the willing.

On, and on, and on it travels, disguising itself as a knowledge or maturity, or it simply remains hidden. Out of site. Undetectable. Indiscernible. An otherwise spiritually sound person has no idea they are carrying a time bomb, until it pulls its trigger. Within hours, its victim might be near spiritual death.

And, after a spiritual death as agonizing as one dares to imagine, it continues to multiply, feeding off its dead host.


It’s hard to accept, but there is no cure for this sin-virus. It’s hapless victims can only prepare for death.

A daily death.

Daily denying the flesh; dying to self; and finding new life in Christ. That is, life everlasting.

That is the only treatment. The only hope for Pride’s victim. Not a cure, but a daily application of the identity of Christ: a daily choice to live in Him. 


The Saxophone Player: “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”


One of the churches that supports us as missionaries asked The Saxophone Player, my husband, to record a ministry update and saxophone solo. I thought you might like to hear his solo.

God bless you today!❤️

Remembering Daddy

My father passed away 34 years ago. As I think about him today, I remember the wonderful things he taught me. I remember his example. Daddy was a mystery I’ll be uncovering my entire life, but I’m so thankful for him and his forever impact on me and my world.

I can’t really speak to you, and I don’t pretend I can, but today I’m going to imagine this is a letter you’ll get to read.

You know, I’ve been missing you for most of my life, and that’s not going to change. It is a rare day that passes and you don’t come to mind.

Mommy had longer to cheer me on, but you were always my biggest fan—until Doug. I wish you two had met.

As little as we got to share, though, we had our moments. I have my memories…falling asleep on the couch on purpose, so you would have to carry me to bed…waiting to hear you come home…listening to you tell stories I didn’t understand, but still loved to hear…untying your shoes laces…learning to make your coffee….the rattle of ice in your glass…Orangina bottles…the way your presence filled any room…you kneeling at your seat before you preached (“What’s Daddy doing?” “He’s asking the Holy Spirit to anoint him, before he preaches.”)…tip-toeing through the house when you were napping (“Shhh. You’re father’s preaching tonight. He needs his rest.”)….wing tips and chess boards…just a few things that come to mind.

Thank you, Daddy, for treating me like I was great at everything I did, and could do anything I wanted. Thank you for being a kind man. Thank you for be a safe father. Thank you for teaching me to love America. Thank you for being such a generous person. Thank you for always bringing home surprises.

Thank you for all the things I never had to witness…vulgarity, drunkenness, abuse, violence, drug use, faithlessness, hopelessness, greed, perversion.

Thank you for never saying a bad word about my mother.

Thank you for loving movies and music and art. Thank you for writing me letters, and sending birthday cards. Con amor, Papi.

And, thank you for not being perfect. Thank you for failing over and over, and always trying to get back up. There are things about your life that make me so sad, but that’s one of the things your life taught me: choices have consequences. Family matters.

So, on this sad day, even with the good memories, I am sad. I’m sorry you left us so early, and I’m sorry you missed so much in life. I wish we could have known each other more, but I’ll see you again one day. Maybe, during the Millennium you can show me the Cuba you loved.

I would love that.



The Book with a Blessing

This is not a sermon, and not really a teaching. It’s almost a book review, a chapter-by-chapter survey. I thought it was great. Plus, it’s a book that comes with a blessing!

“Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.” Revelation 1:3 (NKJV)

“Revelation,” from Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel.

No reason to be intimidated by this book! ❤️

Madrigal’s New Friend

“Oh! I forgot about you, Buckwheat!”

Madrigal was trying to stuff the cornbread mix into her pantry, when she found the bag of buckwheat flour. She stared at it for a split second and started calculating in her head. She hadn’t planned to bake a cake, but if she was quick about it the cake could be done by the time they were ready for dessert. David had volunteered to wash up the dishes, so what else did she have to do?

She grabbed the sack and dropped it inside the one clear space on her tiny, kitchen counter. She spun around to set the oven to preheat, and then sashayed over to her mixing bowls, grabbing the largest one from the stack. Balancing it on top of the roll of paper towels, she reached across David for the whisk. “Sorry!” She quickly measured the dry ingredients into the bowl and gave them a quick whisk.  As she waltzed over get a second mixing bowl, she looked at David from the corner of her eye. She was surprised by how much she enjoyed sharing her little kitchen with him. He didn’t feel “in the way” at all.

Grabbing a dishtowel to dry off the spaghetti pot, he paused and watched Madrigal dance around her kitchen. She filled the kettle with one hand, while reaching for vinegar with another. Butter, milk, and eggs seemed to fly out of the refrigerator with just one sweep of her hand.

“And just like that, she baked a cake!” David said, placing the pot on its shelf and returning to the sink. At that moment, Madrigal was deciding which baking dish to use—which one is going to bake fastest, she wondered—but his comment got her attention. It was just a casual comment, lightheartedly floating in the air now. Yet, it made her stop and look at him. She was so curious about this new friend.

He smiled at her and she smiled back, somewhat self-consciously, because she suddenly realized she could be seen.

He could see her.

She chose a baking pan and carried to the stove, and silently repeating his words to herself. She didn’t want to forget them.

Pouring the batter into the pan, she wondered how he knew where she kept the spaghetti pot.


Dedicated to The Saxophone Player. Happy Birthday! XO

Living This Out

I know there are a lot of men and women struggling with sin in their lives right now. You are doing everything you know to do, being as faithful to God as you can be, yet there is a struggle inside you for freedom. Something keeps pulling you back into bondage.

Well, if you are willing to give some time to listen—and, you really do need to stop and pay attention, because he packs a lot into every minute—I want to encourage you to check out The Saxophone Player’s video series called Living This Out. He is posting videos about once a week, but you should probably subscribe and turn on the little bell, so you get notifications of his updates. You really don’t want to miss these teachings.

This is his most recent video:

Here is a link to the whole series. Be sure to subscribe and click the bell icon by the subscribe button, if you don’t want to miss a teaching.  LIVING THIS OUT!

Friend, you really can walk in freedom and peace.
God bless you today. ❤

God’s Appointed Time

Such a good teaching: “God’s Appointed Time.” I love God’s precision. This is not just a teaching about God’s timing in these End Times, but a biblical survey of God’s invention of time.

As so often they do, Amir’s teaching leaves me excited and looking up! I encourage you to listen and rejoice at God’s perfect timing. Be encouraged! The world may be out of control, but God is still on the throne and his plan has never changed. He is coming soon, at His appointed time. This teaching will reinforce your faith and challenge your unbelief, which makes for perfect message, if you ask me! 🙂

Proximity Conference
January 25, 2020
Calvary Chapel East Anaheim
East Anaheim, California

Speaker: Amir Tsarfati
Featured Photo: Calvary Chapel Tustin



Sunday Worship: “Jesus Is My Lord”

This song soothes my spiritual aches and pains. No matter the cares and burdens I may have carried in with me, this song gently leads me into a place of worship. When I am worshiping Jesus, there is nothing else that matters in the world.

“Worshiping at the piano one day, this song started with the first stanza. The other two stanzas were added shortly thereafter. There are times when I sing this that I feel the Lord is so near. It is a very intimate declaration of Christ’s Lordship over my life.”
(Doug Gregan)

(Verse 1)
Lord, I love You
And I magnify Your name.
Lord, I praise You. Holy One, I know you reign.
When fear tries to overcome me
I will call upon Your name
And Your loving Holy Spirit will bring me peace.
’Cause, Jesus is my Lord.
Jesus is my Lord.

(Verse 2)
Great Redeemer,
Thank You for my debt You’ve paid.
Master, Savior, help me serve You all my days.
For I know that I was purchased with
The price that was Your Blood.
Help me take my cross and follow You each day.
’Cause, Jesus is my Lord.
Jesus is my Lord.

(Verse 3)
I’ve been finally set free.
Grace to glory, my God’s love is so great for me.
When I think of all the love
That Jesus has poured into my life,
I can only weep with silent, thankful joy.
’Cause, Jesus is my Lord.
Jesus is my Lord.
Jesus is my Lord.
Jesus is my Lord.
Jesus is my Lord.


“Jesus Is My Lord”
Words & Music by Doug Gregan
© LAMP Songs
Vocals and Keyboard, Doug Gregan


Jesus: Great Redeemer, Savior, and Friend.

*These songs are meant to be sung in congregations. They are registered with CCLI, however, we offer them to the Body of Christ free of charge—for the sake of congregations that cannot afford a CCLI license or SongSelect membership. So, if you hear a song you would like to share with your church, let us know. We will email you the lead sheet, guitar tabs, lyric sheet, and/or overhead master*. No charge. The performance of the song may never be sold (even as part of a fundraiser), but anyone may use them freely to the glory of God. (*If you lack printing capabilities, we will mail them to you.)