The Believer’s Deadline

For some time now, I have been thinking about the absence of the fear of the Lord amongst Believers.

I think it’s a core issue that has caused many to compromise, embrace false doctrine, and fall away from right standing with God.

I believe we have made God into our own image; someone we can understand. Someone who’s thoughts are like our thoughts, and who’s ways are like our ways. We even think our thoughts are His thoughts, sometimes. Without seeking His Word, we go forward. It seems right to us, so let’s do it.

This kind of “faith” actually requires no faith at all.

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” (Hebrews 11:6)

Somehow, the church got the idea that God was supposed to be approachable, and that seems to be the crux of the problem. He is not approachable, except through Christ. Only through Christ. We must come to Him clothed in the righteousness of Christ, cleansed by the blood. And, Christ is not something we put on and take off when we get to the church door.

“But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts.” (Romans 13:14)

“And be found in Him, not having my own righteousness, which is from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which is from God by faith.” (Philippians 3:9)

The God of the Old Testament has not changed, and He never will. He required great things of those Saints of old, yet we expect Him to be satisfied with our measly gifts today. We give Him our “extra” time. We yawn and watch the clock. We decide how much we serve according to what we’re already doing, not according to how much there is to be done. We give more time to entertainment, than we do to knowing Him. Sports scores clutter more Facebook statuses than Scripture references. We pollute our minds watching and listening to things that should make us jump up and run out of the room. Why do we want to be a part of glorifying that which nailed our Savior to the Cross?

“Who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed.” (1 Peter 2:24)

Friends, I have not written this to condemn anyone. I am not judging your choices, or prejudiced against your lifestyle. I am only concerned for the Body of Christ. The days are getting short, Brothers and Sisters. Christ is coming soon. That is not an inevitability that we just wait to arrive. “Why think about it? Why preach about it? It’s going to happen anyway.” No. We are missing the point, if that is what we think. Paul described this Christian life as a race to finish (2 Timothy 4:7). What runner ambles around the course, not caring whether or not he reaches the end? The Rapture is a deadline we are supposed to prepare ourselves for, and daily be working towards.

I love you, and I am praying for you. I pray you will allow these words to challenge you to search your heart. ❤

September 13, 2011

Did Michelle Williams Just Eviscerate the Pro-Choice Movement, or Was That My Imagination?

Did Michelle Williams just eviscerate the Pro-Choice movement, or was that my imagination?

  • Did she just say that her abortions were elective, not for the safety of the mother or because the child was at risk?
  • Did she just say that she needed abortions, so that she could have unprotected intercourse with anyone at anytime? In other words, that she used her abortions as a form of birth control?
  • Did she just say she aborted her babies so that she could make even more money, and be even more successful, not because a child would force her into poverty?
  • Did she just say she had abortions for all the reasons the Pro-Choice movement tells us aren’t the real reasons we need to keep abortion legal?

Or, was that my imagination?

No. No, I think I heard correctly. I think she was pretty clear. Maybe, that’s why half the women they showed on camera looked so uncomfortable, because she decided to pull a Ricky Gervais and tell some uncomfortable truths.

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My Applesauce Testimony

If you follow Christ, if you know Him as Lord and Savior, you have a testimony to tell. However, Satan knows that our testimony will give God glory, and he wants all the glory for himself. He doesn’t want to hear the name of Jesus praised. 

Yet, now more than ever the world needs to hear the name of the Lord lifted high, and sharing a testimony of what God has done for us is a great way to do that. Not only is the Lord exalted, but others get to hear what God has done. This is how we encourage and build each other up, and how we tell those who are still seeking that Jesus is the answer!

Below, I have highlighted three ways Satan is stealing God’s glory by silencing our testimony. 

1. Satan Steals Our Salvation Story 
It’s incredible to believe, but Satan is very successful at stealing our salvation testimony. Now, let me be clear. I’m not saying he is stealing our salvation. He doesn’t have the power to do that. He is just stealing the story of our salvation, but it’s that story that we are supposed to tell!

Think about it: when is the last time you told someone how you came to accept Christ as Lord and Savior? We’ve probably told others how we met our spouse more than how we met Jesus. And, we’ve probably told it more to other Believers, than those who are actually seeking a way of escape.

“And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.” (Luke 8:39, ESV)

Let’s challenge ourselves. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to give us an opportunity to tell our salvation story. Let’s ask Him to bring people across our path who need to hear what Jesus did for us. May the Holy Spirit gives us eyes to recognize them, when they come our way.

2. Satan Shames Us Into Silence
No one knows better than we do how many times we have fallen short of that high calling on our lives. Even after many years of walking with the Lord, we might still be struggling to walk in obedience, and this can lead us to feelings of shame. 
However, even repeated failure doesn’t mean we don’t have a testimony. 

“Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me His own.” (Philippians 3:12, ESV) 

We may not have a testimony of what we have done for Christ, but we do have a testimony of what Christ has done for us. Don’t let Satan silence your testimony with shame. Your failure and immaturity do not take away from Who Christ is, and what He has done for you.

3. Sometimes, Satan Lets Pride Do the Job
Pride is a very effective tool for stifling our testimony. It creeps up on us, and we are suddenly struck silent. For
 example, my applesauce testimony. Have I ever shared my applesauce testimony with you? No, I haven’t. Why? Pride!

My grandchildren both have a lot of food allergies. That means they have a limited diet, and sometimes are very leery about trying new foods. This is especially true for Lucy. She is very picky, but she’s come by her pickiness is very legitimate ways—terrible allergic reactions. However, she likes my applesauce. It’s a staple in her diet.

Well, several months ago I realized that the food pantry at the church that hosts our weekly prayer meeting always has boxes of apples to give away. They are mostly spoiled apples, but spoiled apples make the best applesauce. And, apples from the pantry are free. For someone on a tight, missionary’s budget, free is amazing.

So, just about every week  I gather a big bag of bruised apples at the food pantry. I always thank God for those beautiful fruits, but I have never testified about them. Why? Well, they’re from a food pantry, silly. And, somewhere inside me Pride tells me I shouldn’t let anyone know I use a food pantry.

And, just like that, a testimony is suppressed. Instead of sharing how God has blessed me, I let Pride rob God of His glory. Has that ever happened to you? Has God given you victory over temptation, but you didn’t testify, because you didn’t want people to know you had a struggle? Did God restore your marriage, but you don’t tell that story out of fear people will know it was ever in trouble? Sometimes, Pride is disguised as privacy. Don’t be fooled. No, we don’t air our dirty laundry, and we should be discreet—especially in public—but if God has answered prayer or added to our salvation story in some way, we need to share it. God’s goodness is meant to be told.

Folks, I hope you’ll be challenged to testify more. I need to hear your testimonies, you need to share them, and Jesus needs to be lifted higher! 

“I  cannot count the times when you have faithfully rescued me from danger. I will tell everyone how good you are, and of your constant, daily care.  I walk in the strength of the Lord God. I tell everyone that you alone are just and good.  O God, you have helped me from my earliest childhood—and I have constantly testified to others of the wonderful things you do.  And now that I am old and gray, don’t forsake me. Give me time to tell this new generation (and their children too) about all your mighty miracles.” (Psalm 17:15-18, TLB)