A Cautionary Letter to My Heart


Dear Heart,

You know how proactive I can be, and I sensed today a feeling that brought some concern. So, I am writing this evening to just remind you to keep loving. Don’t entertain that anger. Don’t give place to those feelings. It’s not right for you. Love covers a multitude of sins. Even the sins people don’t know they’re committing. So, love them. They don’t know what they’re doing. And, no they may never know. They may never care. It doesn’t matter. Think of all the people Christ died for who cursed Him until their death? And, He is perfectly lovable, unlike yours truly!

Oh, I know. It hurts. But, remember: hurting doesn’t mean we cannot still love. Is Christ diminished for loving those who will never love Him? Of course not! Loving others always adds to us. Yes, it comes at a cost, but so what? You have an endless supply of love in Jesus. The Holy Spirit will keep filling you up. 

Love through the hurt. Love despite the hurt. Let the hurt remind you to love, so I will keep praying. You see, that’s what’s really behind this all. That spiritual fight. If the Enemy can get you to stop loving, to focus on your hurt, than prayer will stop. And, he wins. You know we don’t want that to happen. 

So, dear Heart, resist the temptation to give-up, and please keep loving. Love is never in vain. Here, read this: 1 Corinthians 13. We can always use a refresher on what love is, can’t we?

All right. That’s all I’ve got. Let’s go to bed!

Thanks for listening,

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