I Don’t Really Want to Share This

Recently, the Saxophone Player and I shared the reason for our re-marriage; it is posted on the GREGANS…AGAIN! page of this blog.

Most anyone who has known us for any length of time knows some part of the story behind our remarriage. However, this is a pretty thorough telling, and it wasn’t easy for me to click that Publish button. I still battle worrying about what people will think. Will they be offended? Confused? Disappointed? Will they doubt Doug’s ministry? Transparency is risky business.

The story is written in Doug’s voice, because it really is his story. He wrote the first draft, and I edited his part and filled in missing bits. It was emotionally exhausting to remember some of those difficult days. I had to not only walk down Memory Lane, but pitch a tent and stay a while in some of pretty dark alleyways. I thank God that wounds have all healed. Some scars are barely visible now.

If you do read this abbreviated version of our experience with sexual addiction in our marriage, I hope you will recognize that God is the Hero of this story. Had He not intervened, our destruction was inevitable. We were on the road to death, but He gave us a detour. And, I say “we,” because even though I was the “good one,” so to speak, spiritually we were—and are—one. That is what makes a godly marriage so unique, and so potentially powerful as a vehicle for expressing the love of God.

For hope’s sake, I invite you to read our little story. It is officially the tale of how Doug came to propose to me again, but it is really a testimony of God’s faithfulness. And, without doubt, I know that what He has done for me, He can do for you. Whatever circumstance you are facing, there is hope through Christ.

P.S. If you want to RSVP to the wedding, to let us whether you can attend or not, we have created a page to make it nice and easy: CLICK HERE

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