Sometimes, A Mess Is Joan of Arc

You were twelve, and you were very serious.

Over the years, I realized the reason for your decision was more unction of the Holy Spirit than you understood at the time.

Your passion for purity wasn’t a passing fad or a piece of jewelry. Others took those vows alongside of you, but so many left you standing. Alone. I know their compromise hurt you. They said they had your back—then laid down their swords and gave up, surrendering their fight.

Is there anything more frightening, than standing on a battlefield alone?

And, loneliness amplifies the chorus of discouragement and despair. It is tempting to forget why you entered this battle in the first place. The faith that got you this far has grown stale, and that doesn’t help. Looking over your shoulder, you see the others going on with life. They don’t look so bad off, do they? They survived, didn’t they? Is it really so wrong to decide to give up the fight? Resistance begins to seem futile.

Now, I don’t want to put upon you the burden of saving France. You don’t have to be Joan of Arc—being you is quite enough. I just want to remind you that, like Joan, you are fighting a holy war. You are a warrior. God is not testing you; He is asking you to trust Him. You’ve taken a stand—a very public stand—and it’s not easy. You just have to decide if it’s still worth it.

Remember: whether you quit or stand your ground, this battle will eventually end. The future will be your testimony.
Dearest, I know your heart is bruised and your hope has suffered from exposure, but you are more like Joan of Arc than you realize. You’re stronger than you think, and maybe more courageous than you know.
Look up! Do you see? There is another fighting ahead of you. He is not your True Love, but your First Love. He is fighting for you, going before you to clear the way. Just follow Him. He really does have your back.

(I first published this on 8/4/13, dedicated to my daughter.
I am thankful she kept fighting.) 

3 thoughts on “Sometimes, A Mess Is Joan of Arc

  1. I am ,not sure to understand well .
    What I understand is your daughter has a high sense of purity and want to give her life to Christ in fightting all of the temptations around ?
    I attended recently an ordination of two diacons last step before priest. This two young men give torally their life to God (The catholic priests arenot married ). Is it the xase for your daughter ?
    I made a vidéo during 1/4h . If you want watch it tell me on my wordoress site ;
    BY the way did you tell me your name and the place where you live ?
    happt Jult 4.
    Love ❤

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  2. Yes, Michel. That is exactly right. She struggled to stay true to her commitment, but in the end the Lord sustained her. Praise God! And, now she has met her true love! I am going to share her blog posts about this soon.

    Michel, I used go by the name BooksForMe on Xanga. I am in Massachusetts, USA.

    God bless you!



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