(Leach) Field of Dreams

Well, this week our landlord delivered the sad news that the yard is a leach field, and therefore not suited for growing edibles.  Not such happy news, but we are not giving up our garden dreams. I’ve planted in containers the past two years, and we can do it again. Except, this year will be better! As I shared last time, the Japanese Knotweed from our neighbor’s yard has always dominated the sunniest part of our yard. With it gone (well, it keeps coming back, but we continue the fight), we can create a semi-permanent place for a container garden. I’ll show you pics, when we get it in place.

Doug and I were both hit with colds this week, which meant no weeding got done. No sunflower seeds were planted. either.  Nonetheless, despite the setbacks, some of the flower seeds I planted earlier this month are sprouting. And, I did get a few vegetable seeds in pots.

When I don’t get time in my garden as I would like, I think about how thankful I am our food supply does not depend on me. I’m grateful I can play at gardening, enjoying the benefits without really suffering from the setbacks.


The first signs of life from my Spring planting. These will be Zinnias.

The first signs of life from my Spring planting. These will be Zinnias.

2015-05-12 11.41.07

These are the result of my Fall planting. They bloomed just in time for Mother’s Day.


How is your garden coming along this year? 

4 thoughts on “(Leach) Field of Dreams

  1. I begin again my comment which has been submitted involuntarily and is filled with mistakes.
    You ajk about the garden, it is going rather good . We had too long wet and now it is too hot. A thunder storm is announced for today. Yes we enjoyed a great day of pentecost as you see on my post .Those are precious moments .
    Love ❤



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