10 Very Good Reasons to Shower Her with Flowers

The new Bride observed the beautiful flowers the Saxophone Player brought me at Christmastime. “Tell my husband to buy me flowers, too,” she said. I laughed to myself and thought, You’ve been married for two weeks. Give the guy a chance!

I know women aren’t all alike, but some of us need romance like we need rainy days in bed—and, if that evoked images of cozy sweaters, good books, and hot tea, you are clearly on that team. Those romantic gestures are more than a breath of fresh air for the likes of us—they are the breath of life!

So, for all the new husbands and old, who may think flowers are a luxury to be saved for birthdays and anniversaries, please consider the following list.

10 Very Good Reasons to Shower Her with Flowers 

  1. She needs romance.
    Like air. Seriously.
  2. Empty vases.
    There is nothing as sad as an empty vase, collecting dust.
  3. She wants bragging rights. 
    You know she’ll take a picture and post it. She likes to show you off.
  4. She’s still the one.
    Remind her.
  5. Remind yourself.
    Buying her flowers causes you to stop and think just about her.
  6. It’s a testimony.
    Showing her love shows others something about yourself.
  7. If you don’t, who will? 
    Think about it.
  8. She needs beauty.
    She strives for beauty in your home. Make it a little easier for her.
  9. They’re a great investment. 
    Every time she sees them, it’s like you just gave them to her again
  10. It’s Tuesday.
    Basically, any day of the week works, but Tuesday’s good.

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