I Knew Him When

I can’t let this day pass, without noting that today is the Saxophone Player’s birthday. Today, my husband turned 50-years-old! 

Isn’t that the coolest thing? I was thinking about how neat it is that I have known him so long, through so much of his life’s phases and stages and experiences. I knew him when! I love that. I am a witness to so many turning points in his life’s history.  I’ve had the blessing and privilege to share so many special moments with him.

So, upon the occasion of his reaching the half-century mark, I thought I would take a short trip down memory lane to remember some of the “days of his life,” although I knew him when he used to watch “General Hospital.” 😀

I knew him when…
…he was an atheist, and God was completely inconsequential to his life.
.. his only desire in life was to play jazz.
…he began to question his unbelief.
…he carried around a pocket New Testament everywhere he went.
…he stood before the church to make a public confession of Christ.

I knew him when…
…he never tucked in his shirt tails, and all his shirt’s were his Dad’s hand-me-downs.
…he used more hair product than Justin Bieber.
…he always had a tan!
…he only owned clip-on neckties.
…he intentionally bleached a pair of dress black pants, because he thought they looked cooler that way.

I knew him when…
…he would take his Mom tostada salads from their favorite Mexican restaurant.
…he gave his only coat to a homeless man.
…he played in a cover band with his brother.
…he thought chips and a can of bean dip meant dinner.
…he did not know how to play piano, but felt so compelled to learn.
…he was an Assistant Manager of a Kinko’s Copies.
…he earned $16,000 a year.
…he earned six-figures.

I knew him when…
…he wrote his first “Christian” song.
…he led his first worship service.
…he stood behind a pulpit for the first time, telling people about NBF.
…he chose to follow his convictions, no matter the cost.
…he recognized his daughter was in love.

I could go on, but it is almost midnight!

You know, it is a very special thing to get to share life with someone, to experience so many firsts in their life. I hope there are many more! It really is such a privilege to be married to my husband.

Happy birthday, Saxophone Player! 

2016-03-27 18.19.33

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