Purple Rain

I am sure that if I watched it today, I would be a little horrified.

However, when I was 18-years-old, the movie “Purple Rain” was heart-wrenching and life-changing. It was pure passion—for justice, for creativity, and for self-expression. A boy, whose face I cannot even recall, took me to a movie theater is Los Cerritos to see it. The theater was jam-packed. I sat upright the whole time, completely captivated. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

I admit I did not understand a lot of what was happening, and those are probably the parts that would horrify me now, but at the time I saw goodness and heart and commitment. I saw something I had never seen on screen before: an uncompromising artist.

After the movie, I was exhilarated. This is what I wanted: to make movies that moved people. To live without compromise and do what I was created to do. Prince was uncompromising and passionate to the nth degree, and I deeply admired him.

My faceless date? He was unmoved, and I never went out with him, again. From that day on,  a person’s response to “Purple Rain” became a litmus test for me. “Did you like ‘Purple Rain’?” Honestly, I never met anyone who matched my enthusiasm. It’s lonely being an emo kid.

Yet, a couple years later I did meet someone. We were working  together at Kinko’s Copies, and one day Prince came up in conversation. At almost the same time we asked each other:

“Did you like ‘Purple Rain’?”

So, that is why I sometimes says Prince brought me and my husband together.  He was a much bigger fan than I was, but the only person who ever matched my effusive love for a little movie from the ’80s. While Prince always held a spot in our hearts, we did move away from his music many moons ago. The pursuit of God ultimately became our shared passion. Thank You, Jesus, for that.

I am so sorry to hear of Prince’s death today. I think this little video tells a great story of his passion for music and art. I will always admire that.

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