For Movie Lovers

I love movies. Don’t get me started.

One of my favorite childhood memories is staying up late on Friday night with my sisters to watch old movies on TV.  We’d gather our pillows and blankets and sit as close to the TV as possible, so we could keep the volume as low as possible in order to wake-up our parents.

If we could manage to stay awake,  there were usually three movies worth watching between few channels we had to pick from—back in the day. There was never anything objectionable, either. They didn’t show that kind of stuff of TV back then.

Nowadays, it’s very different. I still love movies, but they are often rather offensive.  Even movies with a PG-rating use words and images I don’t like. It’s so disappointing. I don’t want to sit down for a pleasant evening with my husband and be exposed to things that I have to repent for later.

Well , we have discovered something new and awesome: VidAngel. It’s AMAZING! I love it! You have total control over what you see, so that you can decide for yourself which words or images need to go. I love the selection, the price, and—most of all—not having to hear the Lord’s name in vain. Or, seeing people do things on my TV screen, that I’d never want to watch them do in real life.

It is also really easy to use, and movies are only $1.

Now, I am sharing this awesome service for three reasons: I believe it’s great, I believe we need to protect ourselves and our children, and if five folks sign-up we can earn a year of free movies.  That would be pretty cool, right? Conversely, anyone who signs up has the chance to earn free movies, too.  There is deadline, though. So, you have to act fast. This is the link to click:

For your own sake, though, I hope you’ll sign-up. I was hesitant to sign-up for something new, that no one I knew used, but this video is convinced me to go for it. It depicted exactly how I felt, every time I heard certain things. I thought, “Wow, if I can protect myself, why shouldn’t I try it out?? And, of course, there are the images. I think words hit me the way the images hit the Saxophone Player, so for his sake it seemed like a no-brainer. (Of course, neither of us need to hear or see any of that stuff.)

Well, I am off to hear the Saxophone Player actually play the saxophone, so I better get going. I will close with a little video I secretly recorded of his practicing scales.


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