A Picture of Contentment

The other day, I turned around from my kitchen sink, and saw this:

2016-04-13 15.53.12

It was just one of those moments, and I thought how good the Lord was, to bless me so much.

It is easy to feel those blessings on a sunny day, isn’t it? When your kitchen is tidy, and you have fresh flowers on your table?

But, life can change in a moment. One day, it may not be as peaceful as we know it to be now. The comforts and pleasures we take for granted, like a table cloth or fresh blueberries, may be not be so easy to come by and enjoy.

I don’t want to take these luxuries for granted.

If you have not read Corrie ten Boom’s book, “The Hiding Place,” I encourage you to read it. The movie is very good, too, but the book shares details the movie cannot. Those details tell a bigger story. She was about my age, when Word War II broke out in Europe. She and her family lived a very happy and comfortable life, but in a moment, everything changed. She was spiritualy prepared, though, for the troubles that came upon her, because she had been watching the signs, reading God’s Word, and praying. Her devotional life was essential to her.

Doug and I speak a lot of wanting to be spiritually prepared for the day in which we live. We are far from where we should be, but He keeps calling us to Himself. I think He is calling us all. We need to be watching, reading, and praying. It needs to be an essential part of our life. Everything can change in a moment, but if we are spiritually prepared, we will endure.

I want to be ready.

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