Today’s Journal: 7/10/16

Today, outside my window…it’s grey, drizzling. I love days like this.  Today, I am thinking…about the dry spots in the flower bed. It rained so much last night, yet there are places in the bed that are as dry as the desert. Where it is dry, the roots are shallow. This makes it easy to weed, but also easy to pull up something that might be fruitful. Where the ground holds the water, there is so much more life.  Today, I am thankful for…for a daughter and son-in-law who make their way over on Sundays and snuggle on the couch and wash their clothes and help make supper. I’m thankful for the easiness of their company. I’m living the dream. Today, I am reading…nothing. Several books await me.  Today, I am working onweeding the flower bed and feeding the family. Lots of duties I need to attend to, but I think I’ll be happy to just sort a few piles of collected papers and put away the clean towels. The easiness of this day should not be taken for granted. Easy days are a gift; pure luxury. Today, I am hoping…to make the most of the next three weeks. Our days with Maddie are very sweet, and driving into the city every day is kind of wonderful. I am also hoping that tomorrow will be the day we can finally force Doug to take his saxophone into the city. He’s been playing with the idea of busking, and Maddie and I think the Public Garden or the Commons would be a perfect spot.  Today, I am praying for…for our sad, hurting nation.  Today, I am meditating on….how some Christians are like that soil in my flower bed. No matter how much they get watered, they seem so dry, so unfruitful. Nothing takes root. The great truths the Spirit of God has planted in their hearts are easily pulled out by the schemes of the Enemy. It’s not good. Also, meditating on Romans 5.


 When we get into the city early, we visit the Public Garden or the Commons. This week, we found this beautiful. She came really close to us. Then, we spotted a feather in the middle of the pond. I wanted it very much, and willed it to us. Maddie and Doug were laughing at me, but it came right to me, and she has a nice souvenir now.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Journal: 7/10/16

  1. It was a enchanting day around flower bed and public garden. and also the presence of dear ones .
    It is a day to dream and meditate , like me on my chair in the garden! 🙂
    great post , caroline
    Love ❤


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