Today’s Journal: August 21, 2016

Outside my window it is a beautiful day! Not too hot, not too humid.  Bright blue sky.

I am thinking about a lot of different things right now, but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what life would be like if I got rid of 50% of our belongings. I am trying to imagine if we would miss any of it. Watching the images from California and the homes that have been completely destroyed by fire, then watching the news from Louisiana and seeing these homes completely destroyed by water, I just cannot help wonder what I would do, what I would grab for, as I made my escape. In California, I was always prepared for an earthquake, so the most precious things in life were ready to grab. However, I’ve added many years to my life, and there are more precious things I think I would miss. Yet, I cannot help but wonder: would I really miss them?

I am thankful for God’s divine protection. I had an accident in the garden yesterday. I was pruning my cucumber, when a bee came really close to my head. I reflexively lifted my arm to flick it away—pruners still in hand. Bad idea! Never have I experienced myself being covered with blood. Doug was pretty freaked out. Thank God the blades did not go through my cheek, or hit my eye. Didn’t cut off my ear, either. I thank God I only needed three stitches.

I am also thankful for Jehovah-Jireh, The Lord Who Provides. I learned as a child that God is my Provider, and He has proven himself to be ever-faithful. I’m so grateful for Him! 

I am reading The Book of Revelation.

I am working on a few things—always many irons in the fire. One specific task is organizing the shed for Fall and Winter. I can do that now, because the Lord provided a set of very needed shelves (a neighbor’s cast-off). Thank You, Lord!

I am hoping to organize my attic this summer. My sister needs some things of Mother’s, and that will hopefully help motivate me. I also want to unpack Hannah’s crib, and see if it is usable for Baby Dieterle.

I am praying for the victims of these fires and floods. So heartbreaking to see their homes.

I am meditating on Psalm 84. This was Doug’s sermon passage today. So much good stuff in there.


We didn’t take any pictures of my bloody clothes and face, but I have to show you my bloody shoe and my stitches. Hannah said my shoe was grusome. For some reason, I thought that was kind of cool. I did try to get the blood off, but it wouldn’t get. Doug assured me it would eventually turn brown and look like dirt.

ME: Well, yeah, but what if I’m accused of murder and they find this shoe covered in blood?
HIM: And, shine an ultra-violet light on it?
ME: Right. What will I do then?
HIM: That is definitely going to happen.

He didn’t seem very concerned. 😀

2016-08-20 21.09.43

2016-08-20 21.54.17 BW

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