Had To Tell Someone

It’s not good news.

Today the Saxophone Player heard the words we never wanted to hear: You were right.

My heart aches.

Of course, we knew he was right. We knew he was hearing from the Lord. We just hoped it wouldn’t be as bad as this. (This subject is closely related to the subject of this post: CLICK.)

We hoped.

You know, sometimes we are only given enough information to make the right choice. No matter what others think of us, we must do the right thing. We must pray for the courage and faith to choose well and do what will honor God, not please man. It isn’t easy to disappoint people, but there are wicked forces at work in the world. We must have the wisdom to know when God is saying, “This is My fight.”

Friends, things are happening in our nation that I never thought I would witness. I urge you to seek the Lord, while He may be found (Isaiah 55:6).

P.S. The Lord’s timing is always so interesting to me.

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