Today’s Journal: 9/12/16

Outside my window it is easy to tell that autumn is just around the corner.  I love this time during the year, when we transition from one season to another. I love transitions.

I am thinking about…

  • the week ahead
  • the evening ahead
  • Christmas
  • Weekly Reports to be finished
  • the next newsletter
  • Hannah’s Baby Shower
  • eBay
  • dinner
  • Thursday’s NBFW
  • my sister’s upcoming birthday

I am thankful for a friend who came to do the edging for Doug—such amazing kindness and generosity.

I am reading the latest issue of Christianity Today. Their cover article is on prison aftercare; a friend thought I might like to read it, and loaned me her copy.

I am working on cleaning plastic containers from the Christmas Cookie Campaigns of years past. There were five boxes in my shed, and I didn’t realize how many were still dirty.

I tell ya, every cookie crumb reminds me of those happy events, and all the dear folks who baked cookies. So many people made it possible for us to collect 6,000 home-baked cookies. Oh! Can you imagine? It was so awesome!

I am hoping the Lord “opens the door at little wider” for Tim and Hannah to make a move before Baby arrives.

I am praying for the Fellowship Night coming up next month. And, adding prayer to my above hope!

I am meditating on forgiveness and unforgiveness.

Picked a bunch of zinnias this week. Such happy flowers!


Also, created a new header for the blog. Did you notice it?



Finally, for those who don’t know what I mean by cookie containers and the Cookie Campaign, here are some pictures.

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