Bed-rest Can Make You Tired

[Today is the five-year mark, since my cancer surgery in 2011. I am going to share a few posts from that year, and one other post. As you may know, the five-year anniversary for any cancer patient is a noteworthy day. So, in my own way I am marking it by living and breathing and testifying of my dear God and heavenly Father, Jehovah, who has shown me great kindness.]

Third post in this series: FIRST PUBLISHED October 14, 2011

Been ordered back to bed. My leg was swelling, again. That’s a drag. Next week I see a vascular specialist, who will make a plan for surgery.* They are talking about a temporary filter, and continuing the injections right up until surgery. I am so tired of these injections. It takes an awful long time to push 150 mg. of stuff into a person. By midway, it starts to burn. Doug does such a good job. He hates having to do something that hurts me, so I try not to let on. Just breathe. It’s hard not to react, though. Oh, well. Hopefully, they won’t last much longer.

My CA-125 results came back, but the nurse said that this test alone is not a good indicator of ovarian cancer. Normal is anything below 35. My number was somewhere in the high 40s. She said that the size of this thing alone could give a false positive, so I think we’re going to have to wait until surgery. I am not thinking this is cancer, though.

Anyway…it’s late. I’m tired. I miss normal, but I am trying to remind myself that this will all be over really soon. The end of the year is just around the corner, and by then I should be fully recovered and living large once again. Honestly, that isn’t so long to wait for the good that awaits me. Modesty and discretion prevent me from sharing all that is going on, but my quality of life is definitely going to improve, if all goes as well as hoped. I look forward to that!

In the meanwhile, I keep surrendering. It’s such a good posture for the Believer, only holding onto the Lord.


A favorite painting helped pass the time. Artist: Cathie Boucher. (

*Thank the Lord, I did not have to have surgery for the blood clot.
I did have to continue those darn injections until April, though. :/ 

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