The Notorious Blue Sleeper

Going through mementos last Autumn, I found something that made me laugh.


It is my list of things to pack for the hospital for my delivery. However, if you will notice, there isn’t even one thing on that list for the highly-anticipated baby!  That made me laugh. I guess it explains how my little girl ended up going home in that notorious, blue sleeper.

You may be asking, “Which notorious blue sleeper?”  Well, the day before going home, I gave Doug a verbal list of things to bring back the next day. I had a specific sleeper in mind, and tried to describe it to him. The poor guy did the best he could, but I was mortified when I saw what he had chosen. It was too big, and it was blue.  Not only would everyone think my little girl was a boy (Heaven forbid!), but they would think I didn’t have properly fitting clothes for my baby.  Too bad it doesn’t hurt to be so stupid and insecure. We might get cured a lot faster, if it did! LOL

Well, along with that list, I came across the notorious, blue sleeper.  I set it aside. You see, I was going through my daughter’s “Baby Box” for a reason.  I was preparing for my daughter’s own baby to arrive.  I didn’t save all of Hannah’s baby things, but I saved some favorites—and her going home outfit. I showed it to her and told her my story. She liked the sleeper, and it fits my granddaughter very nicely. It compliments her skin tone very well!

There she is, Lucille Marlene. This was taken when she was 3 weeks, and six-days-old.


She’s pretty cuddly in it, I must say. And, that’s why the Saxophone Player originally ended-up choosing it for his daughter: it was soft and cozy.

By the way, I did eventually overcome my silliness.  Here is Hannah with her Grams, Marlene Gregan.  She is almost three-months-old in this picture.


4 thoughts on “The Notorious Blue Sleeper

  1. Caroline, I love reading your page. Haven’t in awhile but now I see you are a Grammie!! I didn’t know Hannah had her own baby. How cute little Lucille is. Please tell her I said congrats to her and to you and Greg.


  2. Linda! How nice to hear from you! Thank you for writing. I will definitely pass on your congratulations. We are really enjoying this little girl. I hope you are doing well! God bless you and your family. ❤


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