My Saturday Evening Post: 12/30/17

  1. Watched a lot ( A LOT) of baby food recipe videos today.
  2. Made Lucy a new recipe, but she wasn’t very excited about it.
  3. She has learned to nod her head, “Yes,” and shake her head, “No.” It’s pretty cool.
  4. Tomorrow is our family Christmas.
  5. It took a full day, but Doug fixed my computer issues. Best Christmas gift this year.
  6. Lucy loves the movie “White Christmas.” At the end of the dance numbers, she claps.
  7. It has been really COLD here. Ridiculously cold.
  8. Baking this evening.
  9. The fifth anniversary of my mother’s passing is tomorrow morning. Hard to believe so much time has passed. Can’t wait to see her, again.
  10. It’s been nice to have most of this week off—have had some work to do, but I tried to take some time to rest.

I really need to take more pictures. She is harder to photograph, though—moves too fast!

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you are safe and warm tomorrow. I hope you know you are loved. God bless and keep you in His perfect peace. ❤

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