Don’t be Afraid to Peel a Tomato

I used to be afraid to peel tomatoes. For some reason, peeling a tomato just seemed like something only super humans and Julia Child could do. Definitely, not me. 

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is really easy to do! And, it’s totally worth it, because no one—I mean, no one—wants to eat this…

EXHIBIT 12018-01-13 23.13.10

That just makes everyone sad! And, peeling tomatoes is actually really fun. So, don’t be afraid. You are three short steps away from superhero status.


1. Add your tomato to a pan of boiling water. They’re going to float, so just bob them around. If they are very ripe, they will only need about 10 seconds in the water. Fresher tomatoes might take up to 30 seconds. 

2018-01-13 21.13.48

2. With your handy dandy metal sieve, or any appropriate tool, remove the tomato from the boiling water and rinse it under cold, tap water. If you are preparing several tomatoes at once, set them all in a colander under the running tap. 

2018-01-13 21.14.20

3. Place tomato on cutting board, and peel away! It is ready to process however you please.2018-01-13 21.15.45


The end result it so worth the tiny effort it takes to do this. I hope you’ll try it! 

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