Saturday Evening Post: 2/3/18

Putting others first is very expensive. I can only afford to do it, when I am putting Christ first above all. I can only live in peace when my own desires are unmet, if I’ve determined to die to myself and live for Him. Those are decisions I have to make daily, even multiple times in one day. My selfish and prideful urges are very strong.

Met a young, homeless woman this week. I just wanted to bring her home and feed her soup. Bowl upon bowl of soup. How many girls like her are out there? Why isn’t her mother feeding her soup? These are questions that never leave me alone.

Lucy lives up to her name. She is the light of our life. This week, she tasted her first tostada, and she liked it very much.


The coffee and donuts I take to Great Hill are an act of faith. I came close this week to just bringing a couple small cups of coffee. It was nice to see that box emptied out.
2018-01-31 16.09.08

I really hope we haven’t damaged our granddaughter. She seriously loves “White Christmas.” She wants to watch it every day. Every. Day. Not just the musical numbers, either. She watches the whole thing. She wants to read the book every day. She wants us to sing her the songs every times she see us. She “dances” to certain songs. Tries her darnedest to sing along. I think she would love nothing more than to have a Bing Crosby stuffed doll—if that was even a thing.  I’m not sure what to make of it. 2018-01-31 18.53.54

Have you read the memo? Do you plan to read it? We live in interesting days, don’t we? We need to pray. Things are not normal.

I really enjoy Jan Markell’s radio program. Olive Tree Ministries is the organization, and “Understanding the Times” is the name of the program. It’s not for everyone, but I find it timely and appropriate. I listen to it on YouTube. CLICK HERE This week she interviewed Michelle Bachman, Part One. Part Two will air next Saturday. Little bit of trivia for you: Jan used to babysit Michelle. Small world, huh?

Hope you all are staying away from the flu. God bless and keep you and yours today, and in the week ahead.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post: 2/3/18

  1. 1) Love the song “Counting my Blessings”
    2) My Twitter timeline is full of people saying everything about the memo. Sounds like it’s a inkblot.
    3) Michelle Bachman’s brother was (maybe still is) the weather guy on the CBS affiliate in KC, MO. (My antenna doesn’t get that station so I don’t know if he’s still there)
    4) Grandkids are so much fun. And everyone at my house knows that I’m Elijah’s favorite. Sucks that I’m working two jobs and barely see him now.

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  2. Hi, Michel. You can add a video directly to your blog in the same place where you add photos. At the top, there are categories: All, Images, Documents, Videos, Audio. Just click on Video, and select Add New. You upload very easily.


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