Saturday Evening Post: 3/31/18

A week of celebrations and traditions.

I remember my very first Easter Egg Hunt. Someone handed me a decorated berry basket with pipe cleaners for a handle. I was told to look for colored eggs. I was kind of confused. Didn’t really want to look for eggs. Wasn’t very good at it, either. Yet, I remember thinking that basket was very cute.

I don’t hide real eggs, just plastic eggs. And, I like to hide a lot of them. At our monthly family dinner, we had an Egg Hunt through the house. There are five grand ones altogether, but Isaac was not up for the hunt. Really, the oldest (6 y/o) found 90% of the eggs, and divided them amongst the others. Lucy found one egg as she entered the house, and that seemed to do the trick for her.

No chocolate in these eggs, because Lucy is still allergic to milk. Instead, I filled tiny zipper bags with the animal crackers, fruit snacks, bunny-shaped cookies, toys, etc. I think I’ll do that every year. The kids had fun with the variety.

We also celebrated Doug’s birthday.


Today was lovely. Low 50’s. So much sunshine, but there was still some snow for playing. My bulbs are starting to pop-up. Lucy loves being outside, and I’m looking forward to sharing the garden with her. She is getting speedy, though, and I wonder about some kind of portable fencing we might be able to use to make sure she doesn’t run off into the street.



Hannah used to call Doug Pop, so he became Poppa to her children. On his birthday, I caught this moment—the first of many such moments, we hope and pray.

2018-03-28 19.14.02

Tomorrow is Easter. We will be holding a service at the Great Hill Shelter, and I’m really looking forward to it.

I trust you have a very blessed day!

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