Fun with Lucy

We came home from a meeting this week, and I heard a familiar noise up above—

2018-04-10 18.32.23

Our son-in-law was opening our granddaughter’s window. I thought he was putting out her bird feeder, but he was just letting her say, “Hi.”

2018-04-10 18.32.48

She showed me her little, red flower. Before we knew it, she’d decided to drop it!

Well, much to my surprise, she expected me to throw it back up! This is video proof of why I was never a great tennis player. However, my failed attempts made Lucy laugh and laugh, so I kept at it!

Doug showed-up and saved the day.

🙂 ❤



2 thoughts on “Fun with Lucy

  1. .What a fun . Your granddaughter with her little rose forces you to make your morning training and gives you a lot of fun
    Fortunately Doug came up . He succeeded although it is not easy to lauch a tiny rose so high.
    Your granddaughter was happy to get again her rose and to see the show offered by you, Caroline ! 🙂
    Love ❤


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