Saturday Evening Post: 4/21/18

Day started well: slept late.

Did the usual morning stuff; started coffee.

Let the Saxophone Player know I’d be in the spare room, working on “paperwork.” Paperwork means all the ministry stuff I do that has legal implications.

Things were buzzing along.

Then…the garden grabbed my imagination.

  • I imagined that the sun was probably at a great angle for pictures.
  • I imagined that it was probably warm enough to actually enjoy being outside.
  • From the kitchen window, I eyed the daisies already outgrowing my peonies, and imagined those happy weeds (that I love so much) overtaking the peonies and choking every glorious bloom—all because I neglected to transplant the daisies in time.
  • I imagined I would only be outside for a few minutes.

Well, two-and-a-half hours later…what can I say? It’s  just so easy to piddle around—especially on such a perfect weather day. You think you’re just going to brush away the dead leaves, but then you pull a weed and take away a stick…and it’s hard to stop.

At least I started transplanting the daisies. Their roots are impressively strong, by the way.

2018-04-21 13.53.26

I moved them over to an area where Japanese Knotweed always grows. I thought they might give the knotweed a run for the money. We’ll see. I have more to transplant, but my digging uncovered what looks like a queen bee. I got scared away.

2018-04-21 14.17.26

On another note: everything this Spring is really coming in late. It’s strange. Even the Japanese Knotweed. Things look pretty barren.

Well, the little, blue flowers are blooming—a delicious foretaste of flowers to come.

2018-04-21 13.59.31


Sweet Isaac is six-weeks-old today.

2018-04-17 15.50.17

He is holding his hand in the same position he had it in the womb, wrapped in a quilt that once was wrapped around his mommy.

2018-04-15 19.25.58

God bless you this week!


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