Saturday Evening Post: 10/27/18

• Almost every day, my granddaughter asks for popcorn. We make it together; it’s one of our rituals. She knows where all the supplies are, and if I dawdle she’ll start pulling them out onto the kitchen floor: pot, lid, bowl, popcorn, coconut oil, and scoop. Scooping is her particular job. Once the corn is in the pot, we’ll watch and wait for three kernels to pop. Then, the lid goes on. That’s when she’ll get down and I’ll shake the pan. She either hops up onto Poppa’s lap, or waits by my chair for me. I don’t know how long this ritual will last, but I’m enjoying every second.

Doug took the pictures below one afternoon. Lucy started feeding me popcorn, and I decided to eat it like Cookie Monster. She giggled so much! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

• Caught a cold. On top of the other health nonsense I’ve been dealing with, I’m kinda tired of being sick. Now, I say that with a mindfulness that seven years ago I was in a hospital bed, squeezing a button for pain relief and raising my arms every few minutes to cough. Perspective matters.

• BLOG-TOBER UPDATE: This cold has taken a toll on my blogging. I’m not sure I’ll reach my goal by the 31st. This will be post 20, which means I need to produce 11 posts in three days. Highly doubtful. It’s been a good exercise, though.

• We had a bed picnic today. It was nice. Felt like a holiday.

2018-10-27 14.59.43

• Speaking of holidays, I’m really looking forward to Christmas. I do look forward to Christmas every year, but there will be two grandbabies this year. That will make it extra-special!

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