Saturday Evening Post: 11/3/18

• I hate to say things like, “I can’t believe it’s already November,” but I really can’t believe it’s already November!

• I have a very, very itchy palm right now. Its kind of driving me crazy. I came down with a bad case of eczema over the summer that really exploded in September. I think what’s happening with my palms is somehow related. They have been improving, but for some reason they are really itchy today. Makes me think of my poor granddaughter, when her hands are really bugging her. I usually try to distract her, or rinse them in cold water. I think I’ll try the cold water right now.

• Last month, I started watching Christmas movies, while I was kind of spending a lot of time sick. I love almost any Christmas movie. One movie I watched and really enjoyed was called The Christmas Wife.

The Christmas Wife (1988) — The Movie Database (TMDb)

It stars Julie Harris and Jason Robards, and that’s why I chose to watch it. I love Julie Harris, and I know Jason Robards is a fine actor. There was no way this could be a bad movie.

And, I was right. It is not your typical Christmas movie at all—the tempo is slow, the soundtrack is very quiet, the characters are very pensive—but, I really enjoyed it. The story line is rather unusual: a widower wants to continue the Christmas traditions he shared with his wife, but doesn’t want to be alone. So, he hires a woman to spend Christmas with him. He quickly learns that the woman he’s hired is hiding a troubling secret. Here is the trailer:

The film is almost entirely the two of them at his cabin. It’s really the kind of movie you want to watch uninterrupted, because you want to get inside their heads, you know? There’s a mysterious element to it. I also enjoyed watching him make Christmas. You easily believed he’d done this for 40 years. I watched this on Amazon Prime for free, and it is also on YouTube. It might be streaming on other sites.

• Yesterday, I woke up feeling physically the best I’ve felt in well over a month. It was pretty nice! I’ve had a series of strange injuries and ailments, and the cold was just the last straw. However, now it’s almost gone. I think everything else is on the mend, too. So, I’m very grateful.

• Well, tomorrow Doug is sharing a ministry update with a church in town that has partnered with us for so long, in so many ways. It’s always nice to visit a church where we have some history. It’s strange to not have a home church like normal folks; I really miss that the most, I think. Probably, my least favorite thing about being a missionary. However, I love getting to know Christians from so many different churches and towns. That’s one of my favorite things.

Hope you have a good Sunday. God bless you! ❤

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