10 Reasons to Study Bible Prophecy

Some folks resist the study of Bible prophecy, because so much of it confuses them. Or, they don’t believe anyone can really know or understand it. If even great theologians disagree, who are they to think they can know it?

Or, they think they know enough: they know they’re born again and going to heaven, so why study prophecy? They know everything’s going to be OK for them, who needs to understand the times?

Over the years of my life, I have landed in every category I mentioned. Yet, I’ve always been drawn to Bible prophecy. The biggest problem, though, is that so few pastors and teachers preach or teach on prophecy.

Well, in recent years the Lord has brought several prophecy teachers to my attention. Dr. Mark Hitchcock is one. He is teaching in the video below. I encourage you to take time to watch or listen to his teaching. I outlined the ten points for you.

If you are curious to do more watching or listening on this subject, Dr. Hitchcock has many videos on YouTube. I will be sharing some of my other favorite teacher soon.

God bless you all. God bless your new year. ❤️

Why Is Bible Prophecy Important Now?


1. People everywhere are thinking about it. (4:35)

2. Prophecy is essential to understanding the Bible. (6:35)

3. Special blessing is promised to those who study Bible prophecy and pay attention to what it says. (11:17)

4. Prophecy proves the person of Jesus.(13:53)

5. Prophecy protects us from heresy. (18:27)

6. Prophecy motivates us to service and godly living. (25:13)

7. Prophecy proves that God is the true God and that His Word is true. (30:48)

8. Prophecy reassures us that God is in control, and gives us peace of mind. (39:15)

9. Prophecy is a powerful tool for evangelism. (46:45)

10. Prophecy helps us understand the times. (50:00)

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