When We Will Really Become Like Jesus

I’ve been thinking about something: I’ve been thinking about how the Son of God became like us, and how we will one day become like Him.

1. God the Son was originally an eternally alive Spirit. He was not created, not born. He was always.

2. After the Fall of mankind, we needed a Savior. We needed an eternal atonement for our sin. A blood sacrifice that would stand forever.

3. God the Son became that blood sacrifice: corruptible flesh. He was born like we were born, and in every way was human—still the divine Son of God, but now also a Son of Man.

4. As a human, God the Son experienced real hunger, real emotions, and real temptation. Yet, He was called Emmanuel, which means “God with us.” There was a promise is this Child of Bethlehem. It was always evident, always in His name. Yet, at the cross on Calvary, He endured a real crucifixion. He shed real blood as His real flesh was afflicted for our transgressions. He felt all the pain, all the humiliation, all the loneliness. And, He bore all our sins upon Himself.

5. A mere man could not have borne our sins. A sinful Son of God could not have, either. Christ lived a sinless life. He did not transgress against God the Father, and so was able to be the ultimate sacrifice. His death atoned for our sin, and His resurrection was the an eternal victory over death.

6. This is what amazes me: upon His resurrection He was no longer just a man of flesh. He now had a glorified body. Jesus ascended into heaven in this glorified Body, and when He comes to take the Believers home, when we rise to meet Him in the air, we will be translated—in a twinkling of an eye—into a glorified body. We will become like Jesus!

It just blows my mind.

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