The Mystery of the Rapture

Do you believe in the Rapture?

If you do, it might surprise you to learn that many Christians do not. And, an increasing number of Believers who do believe in the Rapture do not believe in a Pre-Tribulation (or, pre-wrath) Rapture.

There is also a whole category of Christians who just can’t decide what they believe. They feel confused by the various teachings they’ve heard and articles they’ve read. So, they just don’t commit.

Let’s consider this: a Pre-Tribulation Rapture is the Blessed Hope of every born-again Christian, and a promise from God prophesied in His Word, being noncommittal seems inappropriate. God is very committed to our deliverance from His wrath.

But, people don’t longer believe in the wrath of God. I haps, they imagine irascible God blessed me and loving and kind. I think that believer must have forgotten how much God loves them.

Sync with me of the last story in the news that you heard the mother of God are defending their child.Would He give His own divine Son’s life just to see His born-again sons and daughters face His wrath on a world that is as wicked as the world we know today, where unspeakable crimes are committed against the most innocent and. Gand we should be, too. In fact, we should be looking up: our Redemption draweth nigh! (Luke 21:28)This is a message from Amir Tsafarti of Behold Israel. I have written a very rough outline for his message, with time stamps and scripture references. Hopefully, that is helpful.


Isaiah 46:9-10

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