Bible Prophecy Update from J.D. Farag: 4/14/19

JD is a pastor in Hawaii. He has been presenting weekly, Bible prophecy updates to his congregation for approximately 15 years. I have been following his ministry for about two years.

I thought the prophecy update this week was noteworthy. I retain information better when I write notes, so I am sharing my notes and the point in the video he mentions what I have written. This way, you can go to the points that interest you most, in case you don’t have time to hear the whole presentation now.

Simple Outline

00:08 | Two Significant Developments

03:10 | On the Cusp

07:00 | Trump’s Peace Plan

13:45 | Syria, Sudan, and Libya

16:15 | Important Questions

17:00 | God Wants Us to Know

18:00 | Why Does Prophecy Matter?

27:30 | Are You Going Through a Difficulty?

30:50 | ABCs of Salvation

Just a suggestion: Pastor Farag speaks slowly. You can easily increase the playback speed a notch, and not compromise the audio quality.

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