Saturday Evening Post: 4/27/19

It’s been a “sick” week.

I have had many sick weeks this year. In fact, since Christmas I think I’ve only had one or two weeks when I wasn’t sick. It’s been really not-fun. However, I think it’s for a good reason. Doug went back to “full-time” jail ministry in December, and I think I’m just catching every bug he brings home. This current bug is a doozy, though. It actually took him out of commission for week, which is very rare for him. It’s just cold, but a really irritating cold.

Enough complaining, though. Hot wonton soup is on its way to me, so I have no right to complain.

Didn’t do much today. Hard to stay awake. We did get to watch our grand-babies for a bit. Kept my distance, and covered my mouth.

Isaac wants to do everything Lucy does—even if he can’t reach.

I’ve been wanting a hydrangea for a long time. This looked as bad as I feel, but the price was right. Appearances can be deceiving, though.

After pruning and it’s first watering.

Day Two. Already looks better!

Hope you’re staying hydrated and getting a little sunshine everyday. It’s good for hydrangeas, and humans, too!❤️

One thought on “Saturday Evening Post: 4/27/19

  1. Sorry to read you are not well since CHRISTMAS ; Take care of you my friend .
    You hydrangea is in progress . This is the result of your good cares
    Your grandchildren are happy to be at your home .
    Love ❤


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