“Europe: Closer to the Antichrist”

This teaching on the Antichrist is from Amir Tsafarti. I have written an simple outline. I think it is very interesting. I hope you will watch or listen to it today.

Amir Tsafarti delivered this message at the “What in the World is Going On?” Conference in Abbotsford, BC, Canada on October 28, 2017. You can learn more about his ministry at BeholdIsrael.org. His video teachings are all available on YouTube: CLICK.


0:00     Introduction.

This is a continuations of  a message he presented last year. CLICK TO LISTEN to Part 1

0:33     Three Points for Today’s Teaching     

  1. Where Did We Stop Last Year
  2. What Has Happened in Europe Since?
  3. What Are We to Expect in the Very Near Future?

1:30     Europe’s Ruling Families

The object is to form a one world government, a key event in Biblical Prophecy.

Screenshot (136)

A few families based in Western Europe and North America, have remained in control for long periods of time.

Screenshot (140)

Screenshot (141)

6:00       One American Warned  Us

Screenshot (142)

7:00       America: Globalism’s Leader

11:00     The Accident of 2016

19:15      How to Create a World Government?

  1. Create a crisis
  2. Divide the people
  3. Sow distrust and insecurity

32:15      The Roman Empire: Historically and Revived

51:00      Who is the Antichrist?

103:00     The World is Ready for the Antichrist

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