A Dumb Movie and Bad Company

EDIT on 5/9/19 I had my dates wrong.
I’ve been sharing how I came to understand God’s call on my life to be my husband’s help meet. It started with a post in October called
Six Months. The second post was My Filthy Rags.
  As I was editing the third and last post of this testimony, I was very impressed by the Holy Spirit that there needed to be some context. I don’t know how much context, yet, but we’ll start with this. 

I began to backslide from the Lord when I was seventeen-years-old. Though I was born and raised in a Christian home, I started college very young and began being impacted by the worldly culture around me. I still attended church and prayed and believed, but I was losing sight of Jehovah. It was a slow and unintentional walk away from God, but day by day I was forsaking the truth. 

God doesn’t forget us, though, just because we forget Him. He never loses sight of us, and never stops calling us back to Himself. (Thank You, Lord!)  Even as we question and challenge and reject and rebel, He continues to woo us. It gets harder to hear Him as we clutter our minds with the things of this world, but sometimes God sends people or circumstances to speak for Him. Sometimes, that gets our attention. And, sometimes it takes a dumb movie and bad company.

That’s where I found myself, when I heard the Lord speak to me, again. It was 1987, and a friend was house-sitting. He invited a few of us over to watch a movie and hang-out in a rich man’s apartment. I couldn’t have been more bored, but that’s when I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me. I was trying to watch the stupid movie, while my trio of gay buddies gossiped about who knows what. I just wasn’t into it, and that’s when I heard the Lord say:

“I am still the God of Abraham. I have not changed.”

I wish I could have seen my face in that moment. I was so taken aback. What is God doing here?  I remember sitting up straight in my seat and grabbing my notepad from my bag. Sometimes, when the Holy Spirit speaks to us, its just a statement or an instruction. Sometimes, it’s a revelation, or a prophecy—words that are full of deeper meaning. This might have been old news for everyone else, but in that moment in time this was a fresh revelation for me. God was putting me on notice, and He had my attention.

“You think I’m a god who understands your compromise? Well, am not. You think I’m a god who does not require consecration? Well, I am not. I am still the God of Abraham, and what I asked of him I could still ask of you.”

If God hadn’t changed, than I had better change fast.

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