An Exhortation for My Brothers

Brother, I know my husband has already given you the best advice, but I want to exhort you in three ways.

First: You Need to Get Busy Serving God 
I know it is probably the one thing you most think you are unfit to do, but it’s the most important thing you start doing NOW. I can’t say it strongly enough. My heart is screaming! Stop giving Satan the win, Brother. God has opened up ministry for you. I know He has called you to serve Him. So long as (this is critical!) you are always under godly, spiritual authority and accountability, walking in repentance, there’s no reason to wait. The waiting is actually playing into Satan’s hands. It’s not good. It’s keeping you in bondage, Brother. Obey God’s call. Did He not know your struggle when He called? He knew. And, He called anyway. Now, obey Him. Until you walk in obedience to your call, you’ll never walk in freedom from your sin. Just remember: under spiritual authority and accountability.

My Next Exhortation is for Husbands
If you are married, stop entertaining the thought of separation or divorce from your wife. In fact, repent for every time you have. Instead, start praying for your wife.

Now, I don’t really mean pray. I mean INTERCEDE. That’s not just saying, “Thank You for my wife, God. Please, bless her today,” but it’s being her spiritual defender. It’s being her spiritual knight in shining armor! It’s fighting against the evil forces that rise up against her. It’s going before the Father on behalf of her every need. It’s praying in the spirit for her, and letting the Holy Spirit pray for her through you.

And, finally, it’s recognizing that even while you are in a battle yourself, you are still her husband and do not want to neglect your call of God to love her as Christ loves the church. It’s an act of obedience, and an act of defiance against the Evil One who hates you, hates her, and hates your marriage.

Plus, she needs your prayer support! She’s in this fight, too, and I know she’s praying for you.

My Last Exhortation is Complicated
This has to do with the brokenness of our lives. That’s a big subject, and I don’t want to try to broach any specifics here. I just need to uncover one of Satan’s biggest lies on the subject.

First, yes, God wants to heal our brokenness. He wants to heal the wounds we have suffered emotionally and psychologically. In fact, He is already healing them. Ephesians 1:6 says He has begun a good work in us.

However, we must guard against the worldly thinking and lie from Hell that tells us that being healed of these wounds is the goal of our Christianity, or a requirement for walking out our freedom in Christ. That is not biblical or godly thinking!

The truth is, some of this healing takes time. It requires a walk of faith, Brother, trusting that the Holy Spirit is walking with us and is going to help us each step of the way. The world’s thinking has really infiltrated the church in this area, and we must be careful how much power we give brokenness. Until we meet Christ face to face, some of us will still be using emotional or psychological crutches, and that’s OK! God is not offended by our dependency on Him. In fact, that’s sometimes the goal of our brokenness, to teach us to rely on Him for the emotional and mental strength we need to get through each day. It’s true for us who have physical limitations, too. God doesn’t always heal all our physical brokenness. That is His sovereign privilege. And, it is our privilege to turn to Him all day every day for the help we need to obey and serve our King.

I think I’ll stop there. I know Doug can elaborate well for you, if you reach out to him. I just want to remind you of 2 Peter 1:3. There is nothing that needs to be added to the work Christ has already done for us.

Brother, I love you as a sister in Christ. Some of you, I love as spiritual sons. You are dear to my heart. That is why I speak the truth to you, even when you do not want to hear it. ❤

But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ.”
Ephesian 4:15

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