Why Not Write a Blog?

I started blogging on Xanga in Septber 2006. It was a radical thing for me to do, but it was a season in my life when I desperately needed some kind of connection to other people. It was a Godsend in many ways.

Then, Fakebook invaded the blogosphere. It lured bloggers away, and silenced many voices. Writers abandoned blog posts (personal, meaningful, entertaining, substantial, reliable) for status updates (quips, activity reports, rants). Eventually, even those status updates diminished, because instead of an intimate audience that was seeking out your writing, we had an audience of virtual strangers that stalked and judged and offered nothing in exchange.

Sad days, indeed.

However, some of us kept blogging. And, some have been finding their way back! When a friend tagged me on Facebook with her latest blog post, I decided it was high time to pull this post out of my drafts folder and finally finish it.

Blogging isn’t for everyone, yet anyone can blog. It’s not about being a good writer—or even a writer at all. It’s just about sharing yourself, something you love or learned or lived through.


Here are just a few reasons.

  • Self-expression is a good thing.
  • Community.
  • Someone wants (or needs) to read what you have to write.
  • It’s a good hobby.
  • If you don’t enjoy writing, it’s good practice.
  • Loved ones far away who will enjoy reading about your life—even the mundane things.
  • It’s a great way to watch yourself grow though the seasons of life.
  • No special skills required—not even good grammar, spelling, or punctuation.
  • It’s free.
  • There are basically no rules.
  • You have something to share.
  • You know something we don’t.
  • You’ve done things we’ll never get to do.
  • You live somewhere most people have never seen.
  • You want to “meet” like-minded people.
  • You like to talk.
  • You have an expertise you’d like to share.
  • You’re an older man or woman with wisdom younger folks need.
  • You’re going through a crisis, and need a safe place to vent.
  • You’re planning a big life change, and want to share your process.
  • You need to be seen, heard, believed.
  • You’re a social butterfly with limited places to spread your wings!
  • You can be anonymous.
  • Most social media just wants you to scroll and share content.
  • Independant thinkers can find a place of their own.
  • It’s a “room of your own.”
  • You might be really good, and end up with a book deal!
  • You can blog photos, if words aren’t your thing.
  • I want to read your blog!

I hope this post will encourage someone to start (or restart) a blog. There are many platform options. In fact, if you do blog, will you post your blog link in a comment, and share a word about the platform you use (a pro or con)? Share some reasons why you blog. Let’s help the curious find their place in the blogosphere!

Happy Blogging!

P.S. When you launch your blog, be sure to send me the link! I will share some of my favorite blogs in an upcoming post, to help you find some inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Why Not Write a Blog?

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