Blogtober: Day 4

BLOGTOBER UPDATES: I listed below all the folks who are blogging during Blogtober. I hope you will visit their blogs and perhaps find someone new to follow, and something good to read. I also included the writing prompts, if you need a little inspiration. If you haven’t been blogging daily, WordPress will send you a notification when you do start posting daily. During Blogtober, it’s a nice was to get a little affirmation for our effort—specialy those amongst up who do not normally post daily.


A few new names today. If I missed you, or you want to join now, please let me know! I don’t want to miss anyone.

4 thoughts on “Blogtober: Day 4

  1. awesome I will check out the blogs — and btw I think you missed me 😉
    and thanks for the topic ideas — I will keep in mind since I still have a few posts to write for blogtober

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