How We Ended Up Eating Sandwiches for Dinner

  • Went into the kitchen to put away clean dishes and get the kitchen ready to make dinner.
  • Noticed dish mat was wet.
  • Took it off and hung it out to dry.
  • Noticed an older mat out there, so I took it and put it in the laundry.
  • Saw some coffee drips on the counter (coffee maker is next to dish mat).
  • Cleaned the counter, before laying down a fresh mat.
  • Looked up from counter and noticed my windowsill was looking pretty sad.
  • Decided to clean windowsill, so I removed all my little vases, etc.
  • As I did that, I noticed the vining plant over the sink needed a vine hung-up.
  • Trying to hang the vine, I saw some cobwebs in the curtains and on the vine.
  • Dusting the cobwebs, I couldn’t ignore the dirty window glass.
  • The dirty window glass wasn’t as bad as the gunk in the window “gutter”, though—it’s a sliding window.
  • Asked Doug to help me with window glass and gunk, as he’s tall enough to reach the whole window and see into the “gutter”.
  • While he did that, our son-in-law arrived to check the refrigerator.
  • Emptied the top refrigerator shelf.
  • We only needed a new bulb.
  • Asked Doug to hand me the basket boxes I keep lightbulbs in, and noticed there were a lot of lightbulbs outside of the boxes. So, I asked him to hand me the whole mess.
  • Organized lightbulbs in boxes. Noticed boxes were a cobwebby and dusty.
  • Cleaned boxes, stacked them on top of each other, and then returned them to the shelf. Well, I tried. Doug offered to help, but I insisted, “I can do it!”
  • I miscalculated the height of the shelf. The smaller box fell on my head. (It still hurts.)
  • Replaced contents of box that fell, and asked Doug to lower shelf to make it taller, so I could stack the boxes and use less space.
  • Removing shelf to adjust brackets, we discovered the back of the shelf wall was disgusting.
  • Got the Swiffer out to clean wall.
  • Found a piece of random masking tape from Tim’s painting job a few weeks back. Removed it.
  • After cleaning the shelf wall, we moved the brackets. While Doug was doing something else, I adjusted the brackets I could reach.
  • I also noticed on the shelf below that some towels were folded wrong. Fixed that. Tidied the rest of the shelf.
  • Doug didn’t know I’d adjusted two brackets, so he made adjustments to my adjustments and we got very confused.
  • Finally, Doug believed the shelf was level. I did not. Not having a level, and living in a very crooked house, I figured it was straight enough.
  • Doug decided to still make the adjustment I had thought was needed. “It’s fine,” I said. “No,” he said, “I want it to be right.”
  • As we both looked up at what was now an obviously crooked shelf, I looked at him and laughed. “You just did that for yourself, didn’t you?” He smiled that smile: “I don’t often get to prove I’m right.”
  • Lightbulb boxes back in place. I start to replace the food from the top shelf of the refrigerator. I will wipe down the shelf first, I think.
  • I start wiping it down, but there’s smudge of something underneath.
  • I pull out the shelf. Clean it well in kitchen sink. Dry it off.
  • Starting to replace it, the rims it sits on are kinda crumby. Had to clean those.
  • Doug used the rest of the Swiffer cloth to catch cobwebs at the top of the kitchen walls.
  • Shelf returned to refrigerator.
  • Groceries returned to shelf.
  • Windowsill items returned, too.
  • Some gunk remains in the “gutter,” but it’ll have to wait until next time. ❤️

3 thoughts on “How We Ended Up Eating Sandwiches for Dinner

  1. Thank you Caroline for this long and endearing comment.about wave of memories Yes I cannot forget that time.
    Regarding my meeting with Janine, it was in 1957, a year after the death of my parents (March 1956) and the photo of us with my cousin is from 1958 .
    Love ❤

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